Launch of the EconoBarre

We have just launched the econobarre: it is a toolbar that can be added to your web browser and which adds, among others, the following functionalities:

  • Anti-Popup and Cookie Cleaner
  • Integrated search engine (on econology and other engines including Google)
  • Direct links to the site and the forum
  • Direct access to the latest econology news
  • Chat tool between the people who installed it
  • Possibility to listen to radios
  • Other important information:

  • This bar is dynamic, once installed on your computer, if new features are added later, you will not need to update your bar. The changes will be automatic
  • Many people fear spyware. However, we have tested this bar with different anti-spyware and it appears that it does not contain any spyware. You can therefore install it with complete peace of mind.
  • Internet Explorer and FireFox compatible
  • Easy uninstallation
  • Download the econobarre

    To discover the full features and give your opinion on the forum, click here.

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