Map and advice of a Gillier Pantone water doping on diesel engine

How to build a GP water doping (Gillier Pantone) on a diesel engine for automobile or industrial vehicle? By André P. and Christophe M. September 2007 Here is a plan and some precious advice concerning the doping of a diesel engine or vehicle using the Gillier Pantone technique of doping with water to reduce consumption […]

Toyota Hilux 2L4

Water doping on a Toyota Hilux 2,4L of 145500Km. Installation of the reactor and the bubbler on the batti, the oil filter remains accessible! Everything is removable. The bubbler / reactor or reactor / venturi fittings do not exceed 26cm! The 310 stainless steel core with a length of 150mm is maintained by a centering device and welded. The annular space is 1mm (reactor […]

Geolocation and exchange of engine experiences on water injection offers you an experience sharing service on water injection into engines. The objective is therefore to facilitate informal meetings between econologists, and to satisfy the simple curiosity of knowing where the members of the forums. Registration is obviously free and if, after reflection, you wish to be unsubscribed, it is possible by contacting […]

Citroën 2cv

Several sources of information for Citroën 2 CV enthusiasts. Engineer's report produced on a “2CV” engine at the Technological University of Compiègne Article published in Planète 2CV number 44 from June-July 2004, visible on the forum Pantone mounting plan on 2Cv Find out more: forum pantone motor experiments

Pantone engine in practice

Pantone engine in practice: presentations of engine modifications in “pantone version” or with “Gillier-Pantone” water injection As its name suggests, you will find in this section practical information on the pantone process or engine and 'injection of water into the engines, for example: Testimonies concerning “pantone” assemblies of vehicles in 100% […]

Pantone video on FR2

Report on a tractor doped according to the “pantone” method in Brittany broadcast on October 15, 2005 in Béatrice Schonberg's Journal de 13pm on France 2. The most “fair” report, in our opinion, of the 3 reports already broadcast: the term pantone reactor is used and there is no misappropriation of information. Only the diagram […]

How to properly measure the performance of a heat engine

How to properly measure the performance of a heat engine? From interview / article I made for Passerelleco magazine. Is the “Pantone” engine a solution for driving while reducing pollution and consumption? For pollution, it seems to bring a clear improvement. For consumption, the most contradictory claims circulate, and sometimes, the pantone is adorned […]