What help can you finance the installation of a heat pump?

Installing a heat pump requires a significant budget. However, it is a wise investment to improve your thermal comfort, while saving money in the long term. Additionally, there is plenty of help available.

Presentation of the energy bonus

Energy suppliers have an obligation to follow the objectives imposed by the French government. This is why they have set up an energy bonus, particularly interesting for individuals wishing to install a heat pump and more generally for energy renovation work. Several parameters come into play such as the heated surface area, the location of your property and the seasonal energy efficiency of your heat pump. For calculate the amount of your energy bonus, use a reliable simulator in order to move forward with peace of mind on your project.

To obtain it, you will need to compile your file and then submit it to your energy supplier. However, do not forget to take this step before having carried out theinstallation of your heat pump. Otherwise, you will unfortunately not be able to benefit from it. For your file to be considered complete, you provide various supporting documents such as a sworn statement, the qualification of the professional installer as well as the certification of the equipment you plan to install.

Once this various information has been added to your file, it will be studied by an examiner and you will receive a positive or negative response. In the event of a favorable response, you will also know the amount of the energy bonus and this is excellent news in order to reduce the bill.

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My Renovation Prime: essential help

As soon as you undertake energy renovation work and in particular the installation of a heat pump, it is impossible not to mention My Renov 'Bonus. You've probably heard about it, but you don't yet know what steps to take to benefit from it. This time, you will need to direct yourself to the National Housing Improvement Agency, that is to say the ANAH. Please note that the amount of aid can reach €2 for households falling into the purple category, compared to €000 for the yellow category and finally €3 for the blue category. To find out which category you are in, the solution is to create your file with the participation of an ANAH instructor.

Once again, the process must be undertaken before installing the heat pump. In addition, you must collaborate with a company that has the valuable RGE label. For your part, we advise you to immediately create your online account by going to the appropriate address: maprimerenov.gouv.fr. Once again, you will discover multiple conditions in order to benefit from this precious bonus. To obtain immediate insight into the situation, we advise you to contact a seasoned professional who is used to handling this type of request.

Easily finance the installation of a heat pump with the zero-rate eco-loan

The PTZ is compatible with the installation of a heat pump. However, it is imperative to carry out at least two other separate works in order to save energy. The loan must be approved by a banking establishment that has established an agreement with the French State. Several entities can benefit from it such as civil companies, owners, occupants, co-owners and lessors.

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Don't worry, the zero-interest loan is perfectly compatible with the other aid mentioned above. This is an interest-free bank loan with a maximum ceiling of €50. A sum more than sufficient for the installation of a heat pump, but also to carry out other energy improvement work such as interior insulation or the installation of a thermodynamic cumulus. The simplest thing is to find out about the eligible work.

Another particularity to take into consideration, the duration of the reimbursement cannot exceed a period of 20 years. To benefit from this, be aware that resources will not be taken into consideration. The only step to take is to contact a banking establishment financing this type of loan and present your file, obviously providing all the supporting documents. After the bank's review, you will receive a response as soon as possible, but unfortunately, acceptance of your file does not happen automatically.

Benefit from a reduced VAT rate

The government encourages the installation of heat pumps and as a result, a new measure was put in place in 2014. It consists of proposing a VAT rate of 5,5% applying to both labor and work and supplies. In order to benefit from this particularly advantageous reduction, please note that different conditions have been put in place.

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You must be the owner, occupant or renter of your property. Other conditions have been set, such as being a free occupant or tenant. Finally, don't forget to take into consideration that the home must have been completed 24 months ago. The last element concerns whether you reside in primary or secondary accommodation.

Have you thought about reaching out to local authorities?

Local aid sometimes exists and to find out about it, you must contact your region and your department. Once again, aid is granted when it concerns your main residence and when the work results in energy savings. The easiest way is to go immediately to your town hall, because it is an essential starting point to find out the procedure to follow.

What you must remember

Installing a heat pump offers real thermal comfort during the winter period. The energy savings will indeed be present, but do not forget to install the appropriate files before installing such a device. In addition, you will need to collaborate with a professional who has the EGR label. We advise you to take the time necessary to study your eligibility, because the amount of aid greatly reduces the final bill.

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