Wallet with bank cards

An ethical bank: is it possible?

At a time when the major French banks are being singled out by NGOs because of the financing of fossil fuels, new players are emerging with one objective: to be more ethical and transparent vis-à-vis customers with regard to the use of their money. Ethical, social, green bank… What are they? The promise to invest […]

MT5 trading

How to trade effectively with MT5?

When you are an online trader, the importance of responsiveness on trade operations is essential, especially at this time when the Ukrainian crisis is felt in particular on the financial markets where several values ​​are experiencing a high rate of volatility such as equities. energy (gas), cars or even banking stocks. […]

ocean thermal energy or OTEC

Énergie Thermique des Mers (ETM) or Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): renewable energy with great energy potential

ETM (also known by its English acronym OTEC for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) is a relatively unknown renewable energy but with considerable energy potential! The ETM had already been approached a few years ago on the forum energies. Brought back to the fore by the legislative elections in Polynesia, in particular […]