A new record for Black Fairdays at Le Petit Vapoteur

Le Petit Vapoteur has succeeded in reconciling commerce and charity in a context where the economy and solidarity are linked. The 6th edition of the Black Fairdays operation marked an important turning point in the company's CSR approach. At the end of the operation, no less than €519 in donations were collected during the operation.

A concept that has been given a new look for this 6th edition!

The French market leader in electronic cigarettes The Little Vapoteur began a bold shift in 2023 with the sixth edition of its Operation Black Fairdays. The company has changed the traditional model where the entire turnover of a day was donated, by offering a more extensive and inclusive approach. The commitment to donate €5 for each purchase made on its site or in its stores from November 17 to 24 has brought a significant development to this generous initiative.

Extending the event over a week is not just a strategy, it is a clear statement of intent to increase the impact of the operation tenfold. By choosing this unique formula, Le Petit Vapoteur aimed to increase the participation of its customers while boosting donations for partner associations.

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The revision of Black Fairdays demonstrates the adaptability and social responsibility of Petit Vapoteur with this desire to offer its customers an alternative to traditional Black Friday. The company has succeeded in combining commercial objectives with humanist values ​​by adopting this renewed model.

A social and ethical objective at the center of the initiative

By adopting the status of a “mission-based company”, at the start of the year Le Petit Vapoteur incorporated a remarkable ethical and social dimension into its DNA, embodied by its Black Fairdays initiative. By redefining the contours of this operation in 2023, the Norman company is not just participating in a commercial tradition. She reinvents her concept to make it even more virtuous. This strategic choice is part of a more global approach which aims to align economic activity with social and environmental requirements.

Black Fairdays transcend corporate philanthropy as we know it. Rather than being satisfied with simple donations, this initiative merges the act of purchasing of its customers with active support for humanitarian and environmental causes. This initiative, deployed over an entire week, not only increases the number of donations, but it also broadens the general public's awareness of the social and environmental issues that surround us.

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By aligning its business objectives with robust ethical values, Le Petit Vapoteur proves that a company can be a driver of positive change in society. Its commitment to causes such as nature protection, with the support of associations like Planète Urgence or The Coral Planters, demonstrates an innovative approach that changes our perspective on the role of businesses in modern society. Here, ethics and social responsibility are not just add-ons, but essential pillars of business strategy.

A celebration of generosity during the delivery of donations to associations

€519 is the total amount of donations that was collected throughout these 800 days of operation. This iconic moment embodied the power of generosity and social commitment of Black Fairdays. Beyond the financial success, this step highlighted the tangible impact of the initiative on the beneficiary associations. Funds raised provided crucial support to organizations engaged in a multitude of causes, from helping those in need to protecting the environment.

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The distribution of donations to the seven selected associations (Action Enfance, Les Restaurants du Coeur, Les Voiles Écarlates, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Planète Urgence, Les Coral Planters and the Zoo-refuge La Tanière) was a vibrant testimony to the positive impact that companies can have when they invest in shares of social responsibility.

“Planète Urgence” and “The Coral Planters”: two green forces united for ecology

In the circle of beneficiaries of the Petit Vapoteur Black Fairdays, stand two environmental champions:

  • Planète Urgence: Founded in 2000, this energetic NGO fights against deforestation with a clear mission to protect the environment and support sustainable development.
  • The Coral Planters: Behind this association, enthusiasts with scientific skills in marine biology, marine engineering and remote sensing. Their call for donations aims to give a second life to coral reefs by replanting corals, an approach to revitalize our precious marine ecosystem.

Two shining stars of ecology supported by the Black Fairdays initiative of Petit Vapoteur.

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