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Do you have an idea, a project, an invention or an innovation that concerns econology? Do you want to improve the SEO referencing and the notoriety of one of your sites or blogs? So do not hesitate to submit your publication to us using the form below! website:

  • There are since 2003: it is a benchmark in terms of referencing in the fields of energy and ecology
  • appears on Google News from 2008 (click here to see news on Google)
  • do some thousands of visitors per day
  • has very active community on forums
  • is systematically translated in addition to 15 languages ​​with hard URLs with one subdomain per language for each translated page.
  • Since January 2019, we have 5 clean domain names for 5 most used languages ​​on the internet (see list below).
  • These translations are dynamic (evolutionary) and of human quality
  • So has an international reputation

 Here are the 5 language domains specific to each translation (you can choose to do not translate your article, specify it during our discussions):

A publication on Econology will therefore bring you links from 6 domain names and an international publication.

Your article will be seen by thousands of visitors ... French or non-French speaking without you having to translate anything by yourself. To test the translations, just click on the flag at the top left.

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You can also choose to publish a simple BL on an existing article, this has the following advantages:

  • faster to set up
  • less expensive for you
  • present on an article already indexed
  • you can choose the article according to its SEO strength (provided that it is not subject to exclusivity, it is to be checked on a case by case basis)
  • addition of the desired anchor in the existing text or in a new passage of at most 100 words (writing by you or not us ... as desired)

How to publish an article or a BL on

Contact us via this form with your professional details for a first contact.

The theme must primarily concern econology (economy, energy, environment, transport, innovations, housing, etc.) but we are open to any other proposal (alternative finance, bitcoins, etc.) .

We especially like to post on technological innovations that have a link with the environment or the economy by and for men!

We can take care of writing the article according to your instructions (base of 1000 words) or we publish your article after SEO optimization and internal BL linking by us.

An informative publication is:

  • an article of 1 to 000 words of quality written by you or by us (we read and complete with you in any case)
  • illustrations depending on the length of the article, usually images 2 or 3 for a 1000 word article.
  • video insertions: a video insertion (such as youtube, vimeo…) in the theme of the article is strongly recommended in 2021. This video can be any informative video related to the article
  • up to 2 external links with the anchors you want
  • datasheets, technical or commercial documents .pdf
  • attachments will be hosted on our secure SSL / HTTPS servers
  • a minimum length of an article is 1 words

And anything else you could suggest that we publish ...Contact us using the form below:

Request for information for a professional publication (all fields are mandatory and sent securely HTTPS / SSL)

Each professional publication can also be the subject of an opening of a dedicated topic on our forums, one of the first forum francophone on energy and ecology. This will allow your article to be analyzed and commented on by specialists of all kinds and can help improve your product. Something that has already happened especially on the adjustment of pellet boilers.

Some references who trusted us!

We work regularly with large French or foreign web agencies or in direct relation with the end customer ...Here are some examples:




How to make a publication fast and free?

To ask a question about energy, the environment, ecology, transport or to discuss your ideas, you can use the forums energies by registering on this page. You can also use comments on articles.