Upway: revolutionizing urban mobility with sustainable electric bikes

Upway: the leader in refurbished electric bikes

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Are you looking for a solution to recycle your electric bike ? Would you like to extend its lifespan? Upway's initiative will undoubtedly seduce you. This start-up opened its doors in 2021 and specializes in the reconditioning of electrically assisted bicycles. Although she is of French origin, she later extended her tentacles to the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. She plays the handlebars on a sector monopolized by the "brand new". Its main objectives: to democratize pedelecs and make green mobility accessible to as many people as possible. All its products are economical, reliable, of high quality and delivered directly to your home.

Upway has positioned itself in a booming market and established itself as a key player in its field. You will have the choice between buying a reconditioned mobility device from the brand or selling your own.

Good news: created by decree no. 2017-196 of February 16, 2017, the “Bonus Vélo” system has been extended to 2023. It allows you to benefit from financial aid from the State, for the acquisition of a "assisted pedal cycle". Of course, it is necessary to respect eligibility conditions. Depending on the reference tax income, the amount of the bonus is capped at 300 or 400 euros. Ideal for moving easily with the legs, without costing an arm.

What types of e-bikes does Upway sell?

Upway, the benchmark for reconditioned electric bikes, is at the service of eco-mobility. Its catalog includes electric mountain bikes (also called VTTAE (electrically assisted mountain bike), cargo bikes and speed bikes. These delight with their power and top speed (45 km/h). If you want to move comfortably in an urban area (on cobblestones or on the road), opt for a city bike. For his part, the enthusiast of sporting outings or the "big roller" will turn to the road bike. To easily carry your machine when you travel, choose a foldable bike. Depending on your needs, the start-up also makes hybrid bikes available to you.

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The company hopes not only to encourage responsible and sustainable attitudes, but also to remove the brake on electric mobility. It will offer other types of electrical equipment in a few years (scooters, scooters, etc.).

Why buy a refurbished electric bike from Upway?

When discussing the notion of sustainable mobility, refurbished e-bikes are gaining popularity over the years. They are presented as an ecological and affordable alternative to new VAEs. No wonder urban mobility enthusiasts find them an attractive option.

Ecology and sustainability

Acquiring a reconditioned electric bike is the best way to extend its life. Thus, you will reduce between 25 and 40% of its carbon footprint per kilometer travelled.

On another level, the brand recycles spare parts, batteries, tires... from VAEs. In doing so, it works to preserve natural resources.

High Quality

Upway attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its customers. It ensures that its mobility devices are of high quality (that is to say almost new). Its reconditioning process is rigorous and includes around twenty control points. From the mechanics to the lights, via the battery and the doorbell, nothing is left out. Each electric bike is thoroughly examined by professionals. They check all the parts and change faulty components. They ensure the safety of the VAE and its proper functioning.

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For your information, the company only uses experienced mechanics. They have the knowledge and skills required for the diagnosis and repair of electric bicycles.

Attractive prices

One of the major advantages of reconditioned e-bikes is their affordable prices. They cost 20 to 60% less than new products. You will realize good savings, without losing quality.

The warranty on the purchase

The start-up's e-bikes come with a one-year warranty. In other words, this means that they are covered in case of possible problems. You will be free from defects in function or workmanship during this period. You will enjoy peace of mind and significant additional comfort.

The diversity of models

Whether you are looking for a folding bike, a Electric mountain bike , a speed bike… you will find your account on the platform. In particular, it offers a wide selection of models adapted to all needs and preferences.

Pleasant customer experience

Upway made the customer experience easier. Whether buying or selling an electric bike, the procedures have been simplified. The platform manages the recovery, control, repair and marketing of the VAE. A secure and practical solution.

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Client's opinion

Satisfied customers usually leave positive comments and reviews. They testify to the reliability and quality of Upway's electric bikes.

Upway in a few figures

A few figures characterize Upway:

  • 10: since its launch, the brand has refurbished more than 000 bicycles. In other words, she gave them a second life. This significantly reduces the amount of waste in the bins.
  • 200: more than 200 manufacturers are available on the platform, including around twenty from France. This guarantees a wide variety of models and meets the needs of all customers.
  • 60%: the prices of bicycles marketed by Upway are up to 60% lower than those of new bicycles. You will therefore be offering yourself a product guaranteed for 1 year and which goes the distance, while achieving significant savings.

Do you have a project to buy a reconditioned VAE? Upway deserves your attention.

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