What is a Green SCPI?

A green SCPI, also known as an environmental SCPI, is a Civil Real Estate Investment Company specializing in environmentally friendly real estate investments. These SCPIs are focused on ecological real estate assets, such as high energy performance buildings, HQE (High Environmental Quality) certified buildings, installations using renewable energies, or properties located in environmentally friendly areas.

The main objective of green SCPIs is to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility in the real estate sector while offering investors the opportunity to participate in environmentally friendly projects. These SCPIs thus contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint and promote sustainable development,. You can benefit from both a financial return and the satisfaction of contributing to green initiatives. of each green SCPI before making an investment decision.

Why Invest in Green SCPIs?

Make a real estate investment in green SCPIs has several advantages, particularly from an environmental, social and financial point of view:

Environmental Responsibility

Green SCPIs invest in ecological real estate, which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. By supporting environmentally friendly initiatives, investors actively participate in the fight against climate change and the preservation of natural resources.

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Positive Social Impact

By promoting the development of ecological buildings, green SCPIs can improve the quality of life of residents by creating healthier and more sustainable living spaces. It can also support local communities by creating jobs linked to green industries.

Financial Performance

Although ethical and sustainable investments have traditionally been viewed as a financial sacrifice, more and more studies show that socially responsible companies can be just as profitable, or more so, than non-socially responsible companies. Green SCPIs can offer a competitive financial return while allowing investors to feel good about contributing to environmental causes.

Portfolio diversification

Investing in green SCPIs offers investors additional diversification of their portfolio. This can help reduce overall risk by spreading investments across different sectors of the economy.

Security and Stability

Eco-friendly properties tend to be better maintained and have a longer lifespan due to their sustainable design. This can lead to increased stability and security for investors.

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Alignment with Personal Values

For investors concerned about the environment, green SCPIs offer the opportunity to invest in accordance with their ethical values. This can create a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the money is being used to support projects that benefit the planet.

SCPI Sustainable Development – ​​Yield

Sustainable development SCPIs invest in environmentally friendly real estate assets, such as energy-efficient buildings, HQE (High Environmental Quality) certified properties or projects using renewable energies. These assets can often be more expensive to purchase or construct, but they can also offer long-term savings in terms of energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.

The return of a sustainable development SCPI can come mainly from two sources:

The rents

Tenants of properties owned by the SCPI pay rent. The SCPI's performance depends on the stability of these tenants, the setting of rents and the occupancy of the properties.

The capital gain

When the value of properties owned by the SCPI increases, either due to real estate appreciation or due to improvements made to the properties (for example, ecological renovations), the SCPI may realize a capital gain on the sale. of these properties.

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It is important to note that SCPIs carry management fees, which can reduce the net return for investors. These fees may include subscription fees, ongoing management fees, rental management fees, etc. It is therefore crucial to understand these costs when evaluating the potential performance of an SCPI.

Finally, the performance of an SCPI also depends on economic conditions and the real estate market in general. Market variations can influence occupancy rates, rent levels and demand for properties, all factors which affect the performance of an SCPI.

Green Real Estate – The Promise of a Better Future

Green real estate helps conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more sustainable and healthy communities. It is increasingly popular due to growing awareness of environmental issues and growing consumer demand for eco-friendly housing and workspaces.

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