Sizing of an Archimedean screw for hydropower - INSA Strasbourg

Sizing of an Archimedes screw for hydroelectricity - INSA Strasbourg. Optimization of an Archimedean screw for energy production in micro-hydroelectric power stations. by Guilhem DELLINGER, Abdelali TERFOUS, Abdellah GHENAIM, Pierre-André Garambois KEYWORDS: Fluid mechanics, Renewable energy, Micro hydroelectric power station, Archimedean screw, Experimentation Summary The use of Archimedes screw in micro hydroelectric power stations is a way […]


Energy transition: Portugal powered for 4 days entirely with renewable electricity!

While France continues to bet (almost) everything on nuclear electricity… countries are currently breaking records for renewable electricity production! This month it's Portugal's turn to achieve a real tour de force of renewable energy! A few days after Germany produced so much renewable electricity that producers […]

Download: Transforming an engine AC generator

How to turn a small engine into a generator? This document helps to understand how it is possible to quite easily transform different types of motors into generators for small renewable energy applications at home. Find out more: Converting an automotive alternator to a wind turbine Forum Electricity supply Forum self-construction and DIY Download the file (an inscription […]

Download: solar oven cooker Scheffler, detailed plans for manufacturing

Manual construction of a 2m2 Scheffler solar cooker reflector. Cooking with the sun will give you pleasure! by Daniel Philippen, Adrian Konrad, Benjamin Leimgruber. With the help of Wolfgang Scheffler, Heike Hoedt (Solare Brücke) Translation: Guillaume Renault This 56-page document explains, step by step, how to make a solar cooker by parabolic concentration of […]

Pico hydropower plant on an isolated site

Pico Hydroelectricity: presentation of a pico hydroelectric power station in private homes in France Summary: Since 1985 Mme and Mr X have lived in an isolated house located below a mountain side in the Alpes de Haute Provence (04). When they moved in in 1985, Mrs and Mr X made a request for connection to the electricity network […]

Mini Central solar Stirling in Odeillo

An experimental micro solar power plant in Odeillo An eight-meter-diameter parabola-mirror associated with a motor transforming heat into mechanical energy since 2004 in Odeillo. A 10 kW mini electro-solar generator based on a Stirling cycle and powered by a solar dish has been submitted since the end of June 2004 to the experiments of researchers […]

solar tower vortex: Operating

The solar vacuum tower: scientific and technical aspects by François MAUGIS, Association Energie Environnement. (according to the elements provided by the company SUMATEL) 1. Introduction The principle of operation of the vacuum tower of the French professor Edgard NAZARE which he had baptized “vortex tower” or “aerothermal power station” (to be compared to the "Atmospheric Vortex Engine" […]

solar tower vortex: principle

General introduction to vortex towers by François MAUGIS, Association Energie Environnement .. NB: Do not confuse these two types of solar towers: the Nazare or Michaud type vortex tower (rotational flow wirling system) with the simple Schlaich Bergermann solar chimney (single flow upwind system), discussion here. The idea of ​​harnessing a "wind [...]

Download: Renewable energies for transport: comparative solutions by Jacobson

Multicriteria study from Stanford University comparing the different renewable energies potentially usable in the transport sector by Mark Z. Jacobson. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305-4020, USA. Tel: (650) 723-6836 Abstract This paper reviews and ranks major proposed energy-related solutions to global warming, air pollution mortality, and energy […]

Photoelectrochemical solar hydrogen or PEC

PEC House: a solar hydrogen cell project according to Adit's BEs Although it is not yet a usable energy source, strictly speaking, hydrogen is nevertheless of capital interest as a means of storage. However, the main current difficulty is to be able to produce it in a “green” way. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) […]

Download: Calculation of a solar exchanger

Estimation of the area and length of a solar exchanger in simple copper tube (without fins) immersed in a solar thermal buffer .xls spreadsheet (OpenOffice compatible) allowing to determine the area and length of a solar exchanger for solar tank or buffer thermal. This exchanger is the primary solar exchanger, it is therefore mounted on the primary circuit side. […]

The death of Jean Luc Perrier

Information on the death of Jean Luc Perrier, exceptional independent researcher in solar energy during the 70s Brief summary of the work of JL Perrier He worked in solar energy and in particular solar concentration with a view to making solar hydrogen. He had managed to run a car on self-produced solar hydrogen in […]

Comparative solar energy and insulation

Analyzes about subsidies and subsidy policies about Photovoltaic Solar. Article written by an energy official of the Walloon Region. This article concerns the SolWatt plan for the Walloon region but the reasoning is applicable to all subsidies, only the figures differ slightly. Environmental efficiency or financial profitability? A dilemma […]

Download: Solar Stirling Engine by Sunmachine

Filmed in Paris at the end of June 2008: a solar stirling cogeneration engine with parabolic concentrator. Price: € 30 excluding tax. Availability: summer 000. Power: 2008kW electric + 3kW thermal. Find out more: Paris Renewable Energies Fair or read concentrated solar thermal power plants. Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter can be […]

A solar and wood house in Lorraine: work, plans and photos self-construction

Here is the complete presentation of a three-energy heating house: solar, wood and electric supplement located in Lorraine. This house "was" an electric house from the 80s that its owner completely transformed himself into a solar and wood house. The solar and wood duo constitutes for us the current compromise, the most econological of the moment. This […]

Download: Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants

Technical presentation and development potential of thermodynamic solar power plants with solar concentration. Find out more: - presentation and operation of solar power plants - summary links on solar power plants - Operation and interest of a concentrated solar power plant - Solar towers at Vortex Download the file (a newsletter subscription can […]

Solar condensed by hydrogen

Solar energy condensed or concentrated in hydrogen. Keywords: hydrogen, H2, solar, thermal, photovoltaic, energy, clean, panels, solar, renewable, sun, ray, inexhaustible Why is it interesting to concentrate or "condense" (abusive term) solar energy and more generally renewable energies ? There are mainly two reasons for this: a temporal cause and a […]

ideal inclination of the solar panels

Find the ideal inclination of solar panels according to your region. Keywords: France, solar, thermal, inclination, photovoltaic, formula, self-construction, construction, tips, tricks, yield, optimize… The inclination of your solar panels will depend on their annual thermal production and therefore their financial profitability, it is therefore important not to neglect this aspect. Adjust the position […]

solar stirling engine Sthelio

Presentation of a prototype solar Striling motor project: the STHELIO This project was carried out by the Engineering Physics department of the University of Clermont-Ferrand. Project Team: 42 students of Engineering Physics / Teachers in Engineering Physics. Duration of the study: September 2003 to May 2005 Partners: ANVAR, ADEME, ENERIA, Four Solaire Développement, […]

Solar thermodynamic

Thermodynamic solar energy. Definition Mechanical or thermodynamic solar energy concerns devices which transform solar radiation (heat) "directly" into mechanical movement which either, can be used directly or will be transformed into electricity. Mechanical solar is a rare and very special technique. Each “solar engine” has singular, if not unique, characteristics. He […]

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy It is estimated that at latitudes in France, around 45 ° the potentially usable energy of the sun is 1500kwh / m² per year. See the French sunshine map and the DNI solar irradiation of France. With current yields, ie around 10 to 15%, we obtain from 150 to 225kwh / m².year. So-called “non-integrated” solar panels. […]

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal: definition and technological and economic considerations. Solar thermal collects the heat of the sun thanks to a fluid which circulates in the panels. In metropolitan France, solar thermal represents more than 55m² of panels. Principle of operation The purpose of a thermal solar panel is to transmit the heat emitted […]