Pantone engine theory of cavitation, relaxation, supersonic shock wave in the reactor

Hypothesis of operating explanations of the Gillier-Pantone reactor by cavitation and expansion of the diphasic mixture (non-superheated steam) followed by a supersonic compression shock wave ionizing the gas mixture. This theory, remaining as a hypothesis, would be complementary to the theory of the ionization of water vapor. Document deleted at the request of the author, [...]

motor explanation Pantone ionization and electrification of the expansion steam

This document is a complement to the theory of the ionization of water vapor during a water doping system G or G + document showing that the water vapor that relaxes is electrically charged and this may Lead to electrical discharges, which may prove dangerous. Journal of Electrostatics, 23 (1989) 69-78 Elsevier [...]

Download: Video engine pantone on TF1, water doping Renault car 21

Pantone motor video on TF1 on R21: report broadcast on TF20 1h's 15 November 2005. It concerns a R21 car with a water-doped diesel chassis according to the pantone mounting ... More: - Water doping on TF1 (water injection engine) - Pantone engine assembly forum and injection of water into [... ]

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