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The economic model of Internet advertising funding is in jeopardy. This model of free access to information for the user, in force since almost 20 years, has become increasingly difficult to sustain. Because of the ad blockers, Internet advertising refers not enough to support the fixed costs of small sites, as is the case for

Times are tough for Webmasters ...

Even the French major media sites (such as Le Monde, Les Echos, the Point ...) are affected and struggle against these revenue losses. These revenues are critical for the model of free content. These losses are mainly due to the blockers of advertisements whose use has exploded the last years. Many experts the new technologies are concerned about this trend (see this article In this regard, you can also consult the debate Internet advertising is free content?). therefore made an appeal for donations and your generosity to ensure its sustainability in order not to throw in the towel as recently one of our partner: like, best known Terra Eco

How support and ensure its survival?

On, it was developed many ideas as to the Company, Economy (Basic Income, geopolitics, oil and gas ...) and Science (Water injection in engines, vegetable garden lazy burner blue flame, various and varied testing and prototyping ...). These ideas are often debated freely in a very detailed, this particular les forums where scientists, specialists and technicians work regularly.

It would be unfortunate if these ideas disappear a free consultation (or worse, disappear just short ...). It is this model of free consultation which made the success of the old Internet. It would be desirable that it endures. That the user does not become simply the product of consumer social networks! For it is to there that is spirit to move ...

1) I Adblock off my when I surf and I visit the advertisers that interest me

2) I share pages that I like on my social networks. The share buttons for the most popular social networks are available on all pages of the site and forums.

3) and I participate regularly visit the forums or proposing publications.

4) I make a single donation by Paypal (amount of your choice)

5) I make a regular monthly donation by taking a subscription by Paypal (cancellable at any time on your Paypal account or the button below). Amount: 2 €, 5 €, 10 €, 15 € or 25 € per month

Thank you in advance for your participation and your support for the sustainability of this site and the development of econology!