Thesis on the wet combustion and performance by Rémi Guillet

The wet combustion and its performances 232 pages in .pdf Thesis presented with the aim of obtaining the title of Doctor of the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1 in Mechanical Science and Energetics. By Rémi GUILLET. Keywords: wet combustion / combustion / humidity / hygrometry / environment / efficiency / energy / thermal process / nitrogen oxides [...]

Thesis des Mines de Paris: fuel combustion and water

Contribution to the combustion of water emulsions in heavy fuel oil. Thesis of Mines of Paris presented in March 2008 by D. Tarlet to obtain the degree of Doctor of the School of the Mines of Paris Specialization "Energetics". .pdf of 230 pages. Summary Heavy fuel oils, used oils or animal fats constitute [...]

moist air burning: explanations and performances

Steam pump and wet combustion: explanations and performances By Rémi Guillet. The steam pump Having initiated in the early 1970 years research and development work on condensing heat generators (combustion products), in order to limit the atmospheric condensation of the fumes of the new fuel that was, [...]

An oil boiler without polluting inspired by a doping with internal water

When burning fuel oil (gas oil) one of the products of combustion is steam. This water vapor is often forgotten when we speak of the rejects of the combustion of hydrocarbons, but steam has a major influence on the climate (see combustion equations and CO2), but this is not [ ...]

Plan and guidance from a water doping Gillier Pantone on diesel

How to build a GP (Gillier Pantone) water doping on a diesel engine for automobile or industrial vehicle? By André P. and Christophe M. September 2007 Here is a plan and some precious advices concerning the doping of a diesel engine or vehicle according to the Gillier Pantone technique of water doping allowing to reduce consumption […]

Ionization of water vapor and Gillier pantone-engine, right of reply to Science and Life

Publication of the right of reply not published in Science et Vie following the article "Pantone engine" of November 2007 by Julien Rochereau. This article concerns a right of reply not published following the Pantone article of Science and Life of November 2007. Indeed, Christophe Martz and Julien Rochereau largely contributed to help […]

Summary of theses and hypotheses on the Gillier-Pantone process

What are the possible explanatory hypotheses for water doping in engines? by Christophe Martz. January 2008. This article will try to answer this question as scientifically and seriously as possible. This article is the continuation of the article: synthesis of the facts and results on the Gillier-Pantone process Operating hypotheses concerning the system […]

Pantone engine theory of cavitation, relaxation, supersonic shock wave in the reactor

Hypothesis of operating explanations of the Gillier-Pantone reactor by cavitation and expansion of the diphasic mixture (non-superheated steam) followed by a supersonic compression shock wave ionizing the gas mixture. This theory, remaining as a hypothesis, would be complementary to the theory of the ionization of water vapor. Document deleted at the request of the author, [...]

motor explanation Pantone ionization and electrification of the expansion steam

This document is a complement to the theory of the ionization of water vapor during a water doping system G or G + document showing that the water vapor that relaxes is electrically charged and this may Lead to electrical discharges, which may prove dangerous. Journal of Electrostatics, 23 (1989) 69-78 Elsevier [...]

Download: Pantone engine study at UQAR

Éco-Énergie Project: The power supply of the generator redesigned By Jean-Mathieu Santerre and Simon-Nicolas Deschênes (H05-CM-E5 team), University of Quebec in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada Here is the complete study of a completed project by 2 student engineers at the University of Rimouski. Read the summary: Study of a Pantone generator at the University of Quebec in Rimouski Download the file (an inscription [...]

Radical reactions and cracking

Radical reactions in the Pantone reactor. by PG doctor of oceanography. Find out more: forum on the understanding of the pantone engine and water doping Introduction. The radical reactions take place following the excitation of an electron of an atom which passes to the singlet state (s2 or s1) then to the more stable triplet state (T1) […]

Ionization of the water vapor

Synthesis document on the electrification-ionization of water vapor applied to the Pantone process in water doping. By J. Rochereau. Keywords: QED, DEQ, Quantum Electro Dynamics, Radiation, UV, Sonoluminescence, water doping, heat engine efficiency, ionization, hydroxyl, hydronium. Introduction Here is a document of my own to offer an explanation for the drop in consumption observed […]

Explanation water doping in engines: ionization of the water vapor

A credible and interesting explanation for Gillier-Pantone water doping by the ionization of water vapor? Theory written by Julien Rochereau (ISAT) in January 2007. New version in December 2007. In short, the explanation proposed for development is based on a reduction in consumption only produced by the action of water vapor on the [...]

Definition of the water injection

Explanations and hypotheses around the Pantone engine. Keywords: modification, montage, pantone, scientist, science, understanding. This section of the site will be exclusively devoted to a synthesis of the various scientific hypotheses that can be made around the Pantone process. If you don't know what the Pantone engine or process is, we strongly recommend that you read […]

Download: Video engine pantone on TF1, water doping Renault car 21

Pantone motor video on TF1 on R21: report broadcast on TF20 1h's 15 November 2005. It concerns a R21 car with a water-doped diesel chassis according to the pantone mounting ... More: - Water doping on TF1 (water injection engine) - Pantone engine assembly forum and injection of water into [... ]

Learn more about the engine pantone

Find out more This page is part of the Pantone engine tutorial section or "How to modify your engine with the Pantone system" Keywords: pantone engine, tests, tests, results, fuels, savings ... To find out more after modifying your first engine, you can do the following multi-fuel tests. Possible realization with a bubbler […]

Tips for mounting a pantone

Practical advice on mounting your first "Pantone" engine. Introduction These tips have been written to be accessible to everyone, without specific means of realization and without welding simply with plumbing equipment available everywhere. They follow the following plans (click to enlarge): Obviously if you have more means, you […]

Injection of water into SAAB engines

Keywords: injector, anti Nox, depollution, low Nox, Trionic, water, performance, power, Saab, Ecopower, octane, detonation, Turbo Water injection by SAAB Written by David Scott in Automotive Engineer, translated and adapted by Christophe Martz . Automotive Engineer, Vol. 21, No 1, February-March 1996 According to Saab, the injection of water is favorable to pollution control. Water injection […]

FAQ pantone engine

Keywords: pantone engine, pantone process, operation, assumptions, pollution reduction, consumption, veracity. In order to try to put an end to the various speculations concerning the pantone process, here is a series of certain scientific facts and some concerning the hypotheses which can be made around this process. More explanations on Pantone engine FAQs This FAQ page […]

Hypothesis of water thermolysis

Key words: pantone engine, pantone process, operation, assumptions, pollution reduction, consumption. In order to try to put an end to the various speculations concerning the pantone process, here is a series of certain facts and some concerning the scientific hypotheses which can be made around this process. Decomposition of water by thermolysis The first decomposition of water was […]