A life changing era, Rémi Guillet

A life to change era, self-portrait of an "econologist" Rémi Guillet

The "Seas of the South" editions have just published "A life to change era" whose author Rémi Guillet has already published many articles on the Econologie.com website ... The works and goals of the Econologie site converge with those of Rémi and this for 2 essential reasons: Remi defends the links, not necessarily obvious for all, between the economy [...]

Elie Cohen, the new age of capitalism

Elie Cohen. 408 pages. Publisher: Fayard (October 12 2005)

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There is a conundrum of contemporary capitalism. How to explain that the biggest stock market crash we've known since 1929, the bursting of the Internet bubble, [...]

The total capitalism

Jean Peyrelevade
93 pages Publisher: Seuil (October 7 2005)

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Modern capitalism is organized as a huge public company. Basically, three hundred million shareholders control almost all of the world's market capitalization. [...]

Curitiba, the city men

Curitiba is a city in Brazil that has been awarded several times for its social organization andt called: "The City of Men". ...

Their approach is very human and social to reduce poverty: eg exchange of recyclable garbage against the equivalent weight of fresh vegetables ...

Many other ecological inititives have been carried out ... by lack of particular budget.

Knowing […]

HVP: Mets oil (RTL-TVi)

Reporters: Mets Oil!

Keywords: video, reportage, Vegetable oilre, vegetable oil fuel, for example, how, customs, Belgium.

Video report and directed by Daniel Nokin on RTL-TVi in September 2005. The passage in the 2 part with customs is very significant to the situation.

The report is in high quality (Dvd Rip) and consists of 2 100 parts of Mo [...]

The ball of capitalism

Emission "Reporters" aired on June 2 2006 Friday on RTL-TVI

Each year, Brussels is witnessing a political and social event for the least surprising: the ball of capitalism.

Fierce defenders of ultra liberalism gather to celebrate an economic system that they believe will bring humanity to happiness.

Some voices yet [...]