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Google SEO: it becomes SEO Google Gogole? Friendly user of the user Feindly?

Active as a Webmaster for over 15 years, I am starting to ask myself a lot of questions about the relevance of Google SEO (known as “Google SEO”). Here is an article about Google's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which seems to be "going crazy" at the moment ... at least in French in the text.

When I probe my entourage, many tell me that, over the past few months, they have had more and more difficulty finding relevant results on Google and that we have to look deeper and deeper in order not to come across results "from" shit ".

What is a shitty result? A futile page which does not go into the details of a subject, and which even sometimes has nothing to do with the subject, (see examples below). These are often sites with a commercial connotation whose SEOs (made by "little" Africans, Indians see Chinese…) have certainly abused SEO techniques and Google has not been able to detect and counter them. Today we are perhaps paying for the sanctioning algorithms of the Panda, Pinguin, Pigeon type from Google (specialists will follow) etc ... finally does too much optimization kill optimization? Or Google, too wanting to diversify, has turned away from its core business? Perhaps? In any case, one thing seems certain to us: today, no one understands how Google works, version 2016 and those who claim to know it are not… good salespeople! By dint of wanting to remain a "black box" and lack of transparency on its research methods, Google seems to be heading towards suicide ... at least for its "search engine" part ...

Some analyzes from reflections of this topic: Google he gets mad?

Listing of current Google defects via a few examples that we have seen (there are undoubtedly many more):

  • On the news: most of the sites on the first pages are now mainstream media sites (mainstream newspapers, TV, etc.) which continually and mutually pump the same information (often copied / pasted from AFP). ) with very little work of reflections and even less investigation ... .. A simple research is enough to realize it and the independent blogs whose analyzes are free and often more relevant than those of Main Stream Media have no longer really their place at Google
  • Redundancies on the same domain name, before Google only gave a single result for the same domain on the first page, this time and over and weighs heavily on the relevance and speed of searches! Example in picture:
  • google mobile CiciThe short words called "separators" ("of", "of", "the", "the" ... etc) ... were not historically meaningful to change Google results (and it makes sense!), It is has become false, see the example above, which, moreover, has a temporary bug which did not give any results and when there are results: the relevance is bad, 3 of the first links being commercial paramotor schools whereas the term of the research is pure scientific!
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google fail 2

google fail

  • And the most "beautiful" for the end: Google TRUNKS and TRANSFORMS THE WORDS you type. Excuse me, but it becomes big big anything (or not, see conclusion)! The example below shows that Google, on its own, assimilates "aile" to "ile" (which moreover does not exist in French since it is an island ...) ... and once again on a search with connotations scientist gives a "banking" result which has nothing to do (but let's face it that the search terms were very "short": I was looking for the lift rate, Cz, of a wing of a glider model: the K8 )

Google Gogole

Conclusion? But what's going on ... but what's going on at Google? (Unknown inside)

Difficult to answer the question objectively, I am not a Google engineer! Even if I was, I am starting to have serious doubts about Google's ability to understand itself: there are 200 parameters that go into Google SEO so imagine having to solve an equation with 200 unknowns for a human mind ...

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I can only make assumptions!

We can therefore ask ourselves if there is a will behind this drop in relevance or if it is simply the engine that is, technologically, surpassed (by over-optimization, too many bad sites, a desire to let things happen, too much diversity, too much simplicity… etc etc ???)… the second hypothesis is understandable, the first is much less.

If I were Google and wanted to enter into an economic war with foreign powers, it would be very easy for me to deliberately deteriorate the results, we could estimate the time lost (therefore the GDP) in not finding information quickly during professional use (information that we found before in a few clicks). It is a hypothesis, certainly a little paranoid and unlikely, but which is compatible with the notion of technological monopoly that Google has ...

That's why we titled the Friendly User to User Feindly (feind = enemy in German).

Google is no longer my friend!

The historic phrase "Google is your friend" might need to be redefined ... at least currently, either Google continues to do shit or it pulls together ...

Finally, few major media talk about these failures of the world's leading search engine, failures that we think are quite serious ... For the moment we have only observed them on terms in French ... it remains to be seen if this concerns the entire search engine (to be continued ... here or elsewhere ...)

Thank you for your comments below or on the corresponding topic of forums: Google decline of performance, he loses it?

8 comments on “Google SEO: is Google SEO becoming Gogole? From Friendly user to Feindly user? ”

  1. Hello,
    Being an amateur webmaster, I focus my SEO strategy on the content and the relevance of it. Right now, the easiest way to get on a request is to curate. Thus we obtain a semantically similar and more extensive text, Google understands that we are dealing with the subject. Suddenly we end up with a lot of almost identical texts in the search results.
    But that will change one day.
    You can also do 'tops', that also works.
    For the rest, I have no opinion.

  2. I have also been a wemaster for 20 years, and I did a master's thesis on search engines (before the arrival of Google) In my opinion, the reality is that the basic Google algorithm, linked to the backlink count, was skewed from the start because it could easily be faked by paying people to link one way or another. 15 years later, we still have the same problem, and the 199 other criteria are there only to give the illusion that there is something else. But there is no robot capable of evaluating the relevance of the content of a page. The backlink uses the skill of humans to do this. This is why Google is not close to finding a solution. But all is well for them: they have a de facto monopoly, and the worse the positioning of the sites, the more the owners are obliged to pay in google advertising to go up in first position… Which allows the big ones to eliminate the small ones. This is what is happening right now. A real massacre that began years ago ...

  3. Would it be possible to change your title, please?
    "Gogole" is the contraction of "Mongol", a qualifier today offensive and pejorative for people born with Down's syndrome and in the same way as when it is used to qualify something else (here Google) negatively. Also, it would be nice to change. Thank you !

    PS: by the way, very interesting article.

    1. Dear Claire,

      The use of the term Gogole was above all a humorous pun on the name Google… It was not our intention to be abusive to anyone. We must therefore take it in the second degree.

      The Mongols are the inhabitants of Mongolia, for the Down's syndrome they are Mongolians.


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