Boost your sales thanks to a new generation of qualified leads: the Conversociads © solution

In a world where competition is increasingly fierce, it is important to stand out. More than ever, acquiring new customers is a crucial issue for businesses. How to attract new prospects, convert them into customers and boost your sales? The answer lies in buying and generating qualified leads. In this article, we will present our Conversociads © solution, a powerful tool to optimize, for example, your strategy of leads energy, if you are a supplier in this sector and want to collect new prospects to develop your turnover.

Lead generation, a major challenge for your business

Lead generation is a process by which a company attracts and converts people interested in its products or services into leads. This marketing strategy is essential for any business looking to grow and increase sales.

The goal is to attract qualified prospects, that is to say people who have shown a real interest in your offer and who are likely to become customers. The more qualified leads you generate, the more you increase your chances of making sales.

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There are many methods to generate leads: email marketing, SEO, content marketing, paid advertising on social networks… But all these techniques require time and specific skills.

Why choose the purchase of qualified leads?

Buying qualified leads is an interesting alternative for companies that want to optimize their sales quickly. This practice consists of buying lists of prospects from specialized suppliers.

These leads are generally collected using digital marketing techniques and are then sorted according to specific criteria (age, gender, location, interests, etc.). You can thus target your marketing actions more precisely and ensure that you reach an audience that is genuinely interested in your offer.

Conversociads ©, your solution for buying and generating qualified leads

hipto is a start-up specializing in the generation of ultra-qualified, exclusive and GDPR-compliant leads. This company provides leads for various industries including health insurance, telecommunications, energy, education, works, and many more.

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It offers an innovative Conversociads © solution for companies to help you boost your sales through the purchase and generation of ultra-qualified leads.

The Conversociads © solution combines the power of social media audiences with innovative conversational technologies to collect as much relevant data as possible throughout the sales journey. This helps sales forces and call centers convert leads easier and faster.

Generating and buying qualified leads are effective marketing strategies to boost your business sales. By precisely targeting your prospects and offering them offers tailored to their needs, you increase your chances of conversion.

The three pillars of the Conversociads © solution are:

  • The social ads
  • SEA or Search Engine Advertising
  • The native ads

Conversociads© uses conversational technologies and social networks to provide high quality leads to various sectors. hipto's customers enjoy above-average conversion rates, allowing them to focus on real business opportunities.

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Invest in buying and generating qualified leads with Conversociads © is making a strategic choice for the future of your business. So, what are you waiting for to boost your sales?

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