Great bluff, a consumer society

The big bluff of the household appliances. The planned obsolescence and overconsumption practices highlighted in France. Special Envoy report broadcast on France 2 in February 2010

Obsolescence is the fact that a product becomes obsolete.
Scheduled obsolescence is the intentional rendering of an obsolete product for a certain period of time "pre-programmed" in advance.

It is a practice, unfortunately, more and more widespread among industrialists but especially their shareholders in search of "always more profits". This study of 28 pages highlights the practice and the links below allow to deepen the debate.

Learn more and deeper:
- Debate on this report: The big bluff, report of France2 - Special Envoy February 2010 - on the practice of overconsumption in the household appliances.
Report of 28 pages on programmed industrial obsolescence
Industrial obsolescence, the history of deception: facts and debate

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