Opé2017, participatory platform against planned obsolescence

Please find below the press release from the UFC relating to the launch of the Opé2017 participatory platform against planned obsolescence!

Decided to include the issue of obsolescence in organized programs of the candidates for presidential and legislative elections in 2017, seven associations (C2C Community, DemocracyOS, GreenIT.fr, Stop the Programmed Obsolescence (HOP), Friends of the Earth , UFC-Que ChoisirZero Waste France) are today launching participatory platform "OPE 2017" with the aim of finding effective solutions to fight against this practice environmentally and economically unacceptable.

Planned obsolescence: a major economic and ecological issue

Planned obsolescence is the set of practices that shorten life or use of a product. Whether default obsolescence act (failure), software (updates slowing down a computer) by inconsistency (only a compatible phone with Bluetooth headphones), or aesthetic, the process is widespread today in products consumption become almost indispensable, and leads to faster redemption of the same property.
Less durable products, depletion of raw materials, increased waste production and a long-term impact on the purchasing power of consumers ... the problems resulting from planned obsolescence are many, and affect citizens directly in their everyday life. If the reports or proposals on the subject abound, the glaring absence of transverse and effective measures can not continue.

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Opé2017: a participatory platform for active awareness

Think of a sustainable product from its conception; promote repairability and better access to spare parts for a product; end software obsolescence; allow consumers to more easily orient their choices towards sustainable products (information on the lifespan of products and alignment of legal warranty rights with this): these are the five subjects that our associations have identified in order to raise awareness and mobilize the more in the fight against planned obsolescence.

With the launch of the Opé2017 platform, everyone is invited to support, discuss and formulate new proposals to build together the solutions that will make obsolete the blockages to the logic of sustainability.

While the European Union presented its Action Plan on the circular economy there nearly a year, and that until then answers given are piecemeal, our associations intend to accelerate the sustainable production of truly effective solutions :

  • inviting consumer-citizens and professionals to get involved on the Opé2017 (1) platform, accessible at the following link: www.ope2017.org until December 20;
  • calling candidates for presidential and legislative elections to seize the topic and make a major plank of their campaign 2017.
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