Great bluff, a consumer society

The Great Bluff of household appliances. Planned obsolescence and overconsumption practices highlighted in France. Special Envoy report broadcast on France 2 in February 2010

Obsolescence is the fact that a product becomes obsolete.
Planned obsolescence is the act of voluntarily making a product obsolete after a certain time “pre-programmed” in advance.

It is a practice, unfortunately, more and more widespread among industrialists but especially their shareholders in search of "always more profits". This 28-page study highlights the practice and the links below provide further discussion.

Learn more and deeper:
- Debate on this report: Le grand bluff, report from France2 - Special Envoy February 2010 - on the practice of overconsumption in household appliances.
- 28-page report on planned industrial obsolescence
- Industrial obsolescence, the story of a deception: facts and debate

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Great bluff, a consumer society

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