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The different mowing techniques for your garden lawn

It is not uncommon for grass to represent 50% of the total area of ​​the garden when the total area allows. It is therefore normal to devote a little more time to it, because even if your flowers are beautiful or colorful, a badly trimmed lawn would spoil the whole. To take care of your lawn, you need to mow it properly. There are different kinds of mowers you can use for this, including some eco-friendly solutions that ensure you have a nice lawn without polluting the environment. Here are the different lawn mowing techniques you can adopt to take care of your lawn, while respecting the environment.

The different ecological mowing techniques for lawn

The use of gasoline mowers is not a necessary step to obtain a beautiful lawn. There are other alternatives which are much less polluting and which remain effective.


Green grazing is a technique that consists of mow your lawn while serving ... an animal ! The most appreciated for doing this work are sheep and goats, but the sheep will be the most advised for a flat ground not exceeding 500 m². This little animal offers the advantage of grazing only the grass, and will therefore leave your flowers alone. It is slow and methodical, and will ensure you a well-mowed lawn at a height of 6 or 8 cm.

The goat will be useful if the grassy area has slopes. She will mow not only the grass, but also the weeds and all the other plants around, so she will have to be watched. These 2 animals are popular because they can be rented to farmers or breeders.

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Larger grazers like cows and horses can also be used to mow the lawn in an environmentally friendly way, but they also come with some drawbacks: large droppings, less flexible than sheep or goats and need a very large expanse of grass.

The electric ride-on mower

The electric ride-on mower is an alternative to the gasoline-powered lawn tractor. Quieter and above all, more ecological, it can cover great distances quickly (with a battery life of 2 hours generally), and provide equal mowing over the entire surface. It is therefore ideal for mowing large green areas.

Using a ride-on mower also includes changing the belt often, as it will tendency to wear out over use. In this context, discover a range of belts for lawn tractor in order to replace this part regularly.

The belt is the element that provides the transmission between the cutting blade and the engine. It is very important to maintain it well and replace it if necessary, because it is from it that depend on the proper functioning of your electric mower.

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Other tips for having an ecological lawn

Every good gardener knows that a green lawn that is correctly pruned all year round can only be obtained with regular maintenance. This is also why chemical weedkillers and other fertilizers are gaining ground in our gardens. However, they are not harmless to the environment, and at the present time when ecological issues are no longer a mystery, it is becoming essential to adopt less polluting processes.

Here are some tips to apply to have a greener lawn.

Review the way to water your lawn

The first practice to review when it comes to looking after your lawn in a more ecological way is watering. This must now be done in depth until the soil is completely soggy in order to allow the underground parts to remain alive, even during drought.

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During periods of great heat, it is advisable to water the lawn once a week.

In summer, you must remember that the lawn will inevitably turn yellow due to the weather. So don't feel like you have to water or mow too often at this time, as the lawn is in full vegetative rest, but do not die. In short, wait until the first rains to take care of your lawn, this will save you water and energy!

Mulching to feed the lawn

Mulching is the economic and ecological technique par excellence that gardeners use to take care of the lawn and grow it.

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In practice, it consists in naturally fertilizing the soil using the mowing waste.

To mulching, it is necessary to have a mulching mower that will chop the grass and will throw it directly on the lawn after the passage. This carpet will then be used to fertilize the lawn.

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In addition, it is important to know that mulching is also particularly effective in controlling weeds, and offers the advantage of reducing watering requirements in summer, limiting water evaporation while conserving the humidity of the soil longer, reduce mowing time by 30%, etc.

However, this technique does not work with tall or wet grass, and tends to damage the mower blade very quickly. If you use this technique, also remember to watch out for the proliferation of slugs and snails in wet weather, as they are crazy about organic waste.

Accept other plants

We tend to believe that a beautiful lawn is above all an immaculate lawn, without a plant or a grass protruding, which prompts us to use herbicides of all kinds. To limit the use of these products, be aware that certain plants and flowers have their place on your lawn.

The pirouette clover, for example, can blend perfectly with your grass because of its pretty green color and its very small size. It also offers the advantage of filling in the nitrogen inputs that the lawn needs to "stay healthy", whatever the climate.

Other plants like dandelion and plantain also have their place on your lawn, not to mention mushrooms and moss !

Moss in particular can be used as a green carpet in damp corners of the garden.

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