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The workshop glass roof, top trend for 2021

The workshop glass roof is at the top of home decoration trends in 2021. What are the strengths of this decorative piece and how can you integrate it into your interior with style?

The interior glass roof: trendy decorative piece and design

Until now, the glass roof has been used on the exterior of buildings to embellish facades. Its versatility and resistance have made it a material that has been able to adapt to different exterior design concepts. But for some time now the glass roof is more and more inviting in contemporary interiors, old and industrial. This trend has its origins in the artists who integrated glass roofs in their workshops to take full advantage of natural light, hence the name workshop glass roof.

In 2021, the interior glass roof is at the top of home decor trends because of its elegance and nobility. In addition to being very effective for the management of light in spaces, it brings a characteristic charm of modern interiors in homes. In addition, it is a modular and customizable material. You can for example customize your canopy by choosing the number of panes, the type of glass and the color (black, white, matt slate, etc.) that suit you. If you are talking to a reliable company, your custom-made interior canopies can be delivered to you within 4 weeks at most.

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The other great thing about the workshop canopy is that it is easy to install once the reception wall is ready. You can do it yourself if you are a good handyman. Installation can be done on plasterboard, wooden partition, glass, honeycomb partition or plaster tiles ...

workshop canopy, trend 2021

The workshop canopy, an ecological choice

If you have an ecological lifestyle and you are committed to preserving the planet, choose materials such as wood or aluminum for your workshop canopy. Aluminum is indeed a healthy, ecological and 100% recyclable material. And for good reason, it comes from bauxite, which is the third most common natural resource on the planet. Wood, on the other hand, saves energy thanks to its cellular structure. In addition, it is an excellent thermal insulator. The other advantage with the workshop canopy is that it allows you to let light through and therefore limit the use of your different lighting. A good way to save energy and limit your impact on the environment.

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Some design ideas to try with a workshop canopy

Are you thinking of integrating a workshop glass roof into your interior? Here is some design ideas that you might like.

Separate the sleeping area and the bathroom

In a parental suite, the sleeping area and the bathroom are one. With a workshop canopy, you can keep this connection while enjoying a minimum of privacy. Depending on the room configuration, the canopy can be placed as an integral wall or integrated into a partition.

Link the kitchen to the living room

Installing an indoor canopy is a great way to create a visual connection between the kitchen and the living room without leaving the space widely open. So you can replace the upper part of the wall that separates these two living rooms with a glass roof whose color harmonizes with the lower part of the separation. If there was only a partial separation, then you can just complete it. The canopy will also allow you to contain the odors of food in the kitchen.

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Break the discontinuity between living room and bedroom

In general, in an apartment, there is no real connection between the living room and the bedroom. You can break this discontinuity by installing a steel canopy as a door. Choose a half-height glass door to maintain a certain level of privacy in your room.

Set up an office area

An office area fitted out with a half-height glass roof is more elegant and more conducive to reflection than a fully enclosed space with classic partitions. It is also brighter. Choose a light-colored canopy to prevent heat from building up in your office.

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