coronavirus dead france map

Coronavirus: map of France of the epidemic and data by departments

A quick article on the distribution and the geographical evolution in France and in the world of the epidemic, pandemic now, of Coronavirus Covid-19. Indeed; many people are asking the question and would like to have more information, and rightly so, on the geographical distribution of the Covid-19 epidemic by department. That is, more local data near them. This is very understandable and human, so we did some research and here is the data available to everyone on the Internet. Thanks to our forumeur Enerc for sharing the latest information on the breakdown in France by department!

Departmental distribution data seem to be deliberately omitted from the main major French television channels ... Why? Avoid stigma and internal ostracism between French people? Maybe ... This is not our business, here no blablas, links, information ...

In the following 6 links you will find updated data on the global or national distribution in France of the Covid-19 epidemic.

You can add your information and data on the subject of Maps and evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic or in the comments below.

Finally, we remind you that confinement is not for fun! This Covid-19 Containment Study at Imperial College London predicts up to 2,2 million deaths in the USA and 510 in Great Britain (therefore about the same in France) in the complete absence of confinement and treatment! It also advocates confinement for 000 months… 5 months means until the end of July 5 with, unfortunately, possible relapses of the epidemic in winter 2020!

So containment measures should absolutely not be taken lightly!

Thank you all!

1) The Covid19 epidemic in France by department: check the indicator “Covid-19” under the letter “C” in the menu on the left.

coronavirus dead france map
Map of France of the dead from the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic at March 24, 2020. source.

2) The epidemic by data and graphs at 6 days, by Regions and by department.

The page is very large, do not hesitate to go down.

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Evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in the Grand Est, the most affected region of France (compared to the number of inhabitants)

3) Map of France by regions

This is one of the first maps to be published on the internet, it gives the cases per 100 inhabitants by flying over each Region. Below you have the world equivalent.

Map of France and distribution by region of the 2019 Coronavirus epidemic

4) World Map by Country

This is the world equivalent of the above map. Please note that the counting methods may differ from one country to another. It is therefore difficult to be able to compare the raw data. Germany has a death rate 10 times lower than the world rate, for example. On the other hand, it is very interesting to compare the evolution curves by country. Indeed; these reflect the effectiveness of local policies to fight the pandemic!

The map below shows the progression in the USA as of March 25, 2020.

Covid19 USA
Evolution of the covid-19 pandemic in the USA on March 25, 2020

5) Data table of the Worldometers site with national evolution curves

You can add your information and data on the subject of Maps and evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic

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