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Heatwave: alternatives to air conditioning

Although it is very practical during the hot weather, the air conditioner is particularly energy intensive. The use of air conditioning can increase the energy bill by 15 to 25% during heatwaves, when this is already one of the most expensive items of household expenditure.

Not to mention that the installation of an air conditioning system also requires a significant budget. Indeed, a fixed system costs on average 400 euros, while a mobile system can reach 1500 euros. Faced with this observation, some households cannot or do not want to use an air conditioner, for ecological reasons in particular. There are also many alternatives, some of which are more economical and ecological to traditional air conditioning.

The fan, a timeless classic

The fan is the equipment par excellence to bring freshness indoors during the heatwave. Costing decidedly less than the air conditioner, it also consumes less energy, and demonstrates appreciable efficiency. You can in particular find a Dyson fan, whose effectiveness is no longer to be proven, for benefit from a device capable of cooling you down without being too noisy and without having sharp blades.

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Note that the use of the fan should still remain moderate to avoid spending too much energy. Avoid leaving it on all the time, and turn it off as soon as the air cools.

You can also optimize the efficiency of your fan by placing ice cubes or a bottle of ice water in front of it, to diffuse pleasantly cool air in the room. This also prevents the fan from circulating only hot air!

Use a fan-fogger

The mist blower has a dual function: in addition to blowing pleasantly cool air into the room, it also sprays a cool mist. To do this, it is equipped witha small water tank that you will need to fill to activate the mist. Tutorial: make your own ecological air conditioning!

Thanks to this ingenious mode of operation, the fan-fogger allows you to keep the feeling of freshness longer in the house, and to cool the room faster.

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fan model

The wet sheet trick

Hanging a wet sheet on the window also helps to cool the interior of the house, when it is cooler outside. To apply this trick, it is therefore necessary that it is warmer indoors than outdoors. The breeze that enters through the window will pass through the sheet, which will help to freshen the air and increase the ambient humidity.

You can apply this trick to all windows to better feel the effects.

Place green plants indoors

Green potted plants can also act as a natural air conditioner, in addition to being decorative indoors. Thanks to the phenomenon of evapotranspiration, plants transfer the water contained in the soil into the air, and humidify the ambient air.

In hot weather, having green plants in your apartment can help you benefit from more breathable air, not too suffocated by the heat.

Note that planting climbing plants on the facade of your house also helps to humidify the walls and therefore limit the heat indoors during the summer.

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