Solar home electric house: partition and laying of the heated floor

Photos and history of a wooden solar house in Lorraine by Jean Gireaudot.

This page is part of the record Solar energy, renovation of a solar house.

Interior renovation works

February 2005: renovation of the three rooms with the installation of parquet, repair of the paintings and change of the frames and windows.

April 2005: Beginning of the development works by destroying the interior partitions, entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, in total a single room of 50 m² for installation of a low temperature heating floor with low thickness on solar collectors.

removal of partitions

Clearly: total removal of the four radiators of 2000 watts each for heating.

Low temperature hydraulic floor heating

Once all the partitions were knocked down, we installed a heated floor. It is a heating floor of low thickness, special renovation of only 1,5 cm thick.

It is not necessary to cut the doors and the inertia is low.

solar heating floor

Then we laid a tile.

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tiling and solar heating floor

Underfloor heating “collector” to the “boiler room” garage and garage side.

solar floor heating collector

floor heating collector side garage

Second arrival for the PC and collector placed in the bathroom (with the general arrival of water).

heated floor bathroom

Cost of work for partitions and underfloor heating

The total cost of this work is around 2000 € for circulator, thermal probe, 8/6 and 14/16 pipes, fittings, support and pc insulation and leveling. All the workforce is obviously "house".

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