Installation of solar collectors: photos

Photos and history of a wooden solar house in Lorraine by Jean Gireaudot.

This page is part of the record Solar energy, renovation of a solar house.

Installation of solar collectors in summer 2006 and installation of the solar circuit

Purchase of 8 APPER 1808 black collectors, recovery of 3x200L ex-electric cumulus plus an exchanger, for hot water reserve for the underfloor heating.

Manufacture of supports and angles.

solar panels

These are galvanized flat irons and the 50-50 angle provided for shelves and treated with antirust black paint as on supports that go under the roof. Here are 2 mounting diagrams:

mounting solar panels

solar panel mount

Mounting supports on the roof.

solar racks on the roof

Mounting result: 8 photos mounted solar collectors

solar house

Details on the “EST” side panels:

solar house

Details on the "WEST" side panels:
solar panels planes

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Details on the "WEST" side hydraulic fittings (insulation has ripped):

solar hoses

Photo of the solar DHW tank with electric supplement (2 tanks mounted in series: the electric tank only heats if the solar hot water is too cold):

solar and electric cumulus balloon

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