Energy diagnosis and measuring devices

Tools and devices for energy self-diagnosis or measurements

We propose on the econological shop several product measures and energy audits to help you optimize your home's energy consumption ...

Here is a small, non-exhaustive selection.

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A) A remote power meter on La Crosse Technology socket

In order to save electricity, you have to know how to measure your consumption and determine the most "energy-hungry" devices, this is what this device allows: the radio wattmeter on La Crosse Technology socket.

remote power meter wattmeter

B) Omnidirectional digital luxmeter

Are you well lit? Are your energy saving bulbs really economical? This device can help answer them objectively by measuring the luminous flux of a light source or a room.

light meter

C) Non-contact infrared laser thermometer

Infrared laser thermometer for non-contact remote temperature measurement in complete safety and ease.

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This device allows easy temperature measurement without contact or probe.

laser thermometer

D) Moisture meter, moisture measurement of materials

Contact moisture meter for building materials, walls and wood

Used to measure humidity:
- a construction material (concrete, plaster, plasterboard, etc.)
- construction or firewood (chips, briquettes, pellets, pellets, logs, etc.)
- and ESPECIALLY insulation: wool or synthetic, mineral or natural panels (a wet insulation is NO LONGER an insulation)

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E) Ecowatt 850 counter power consumption meter

EcoWatt 850 USB: remote monitoring and recording of electricity consumption or electricity production (solar, wind, etc.). Can be mounted in an electrical cabinet or on any current carrying wire (extension cord for example). Supplied with eLink software and USB cable. Compatible with single-phase and three-phase electrical circuits thanks to 2 additional ecowatt clamps (also useful for measuring several circuits). Circuits from 110 to 400 V (adjustable). Easy installation, no need to strip wire.

ecowatt 850

And many other interesting products on the store: all the products of the eco-friendly store in one page!

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