LED lighting and bulbs

Update on LED lighting and LED bulbs (end of 2014)

Choose quality LED bulbs!

LED bulbs are an attractive alternative to compact fluorescent bulbs, provided that LED bulbs are quality bulbs. So be careful with "generic" LED bulbs (= without brand or white label from the importer) and multileds because they are generally catastrophic in terms of performance.

Some quality LED lighting models that won't let you down

pack 3 SMD LED bulbs velleman

LED spot with presence sensor

LED ribbon 5m

Un comparison on the consumptions and the lifetime of generic LED bulbs.

Quality LED bulbs SMD, CREE or Luxeon) have, in addition to their low power consumption, the following characteristics:
- very long lifespan: 10 to 15 years in current use,
- insensitive to "small" mechanical and electrical shocks,
- insensitive to successive ignitions and extinctions.
- do not have a "heating" period: immediate maximum brightness.
- electrical consumption divided by 7 to 10 (5 for the compact fluorescent).

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Here are some tests that we realized: comparative comparison compact fluorescent bulbs and Luxeon power LEDs

Here are some quality LED bulb models from the eco-friendly shop

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