Learn to change your life

Learn (or relearn) to change our lifestyles

Here is an interesting “copy / paste” of selected pieces from an “econological” chronicle that we found in a local free (Passe Partout in Belgium).

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(…) I have the impression that we are going to have to change our life, or at least our way of life, in the coming days or months.
Our consumer society seems to have reached its limits and the excesses suggested in all areas have led many families to the brink and precariousness.

But since most of the needs that were created to make us spend, with lightness, hard-earned money are superfluous needs, we can very quickly find some means to end each month in the green rather than in the red ...

Some advice gleaned here and there: first of all the heating of our houses, heating all the rooms of the house in summer and winter to a temperature of 20 or 21 ° is a luxury which is now very expensive and which has deprived us for a long time of the pleasure of coming together in a single room of the house, where the human warmth and the heat of the fire warm our hearts and our bodies.

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Heated corridors, heated laundry room, permanently heated bathroom, for twice thirty minutes of use, heated rooms… etc… help our resources to be depleted both in terms of the wallet and the planet. The use of the sweater, banned for years in our regions, can help support one or two ° less in our homes, summer and winter! (editor's note: ??? a sweater in summer ???)

Telecommunications then: so many useless phone calls, so many SMS that get lost in the mass, all these subscriptions to various services which, given their little use, turn out to be so expensive ...

Food: simmering a dish allows pieces of meat that are a little less tender but much cheaper, to become succulent dishes, melting in the mouth without melting the wallet! Using larger, less expensive containers avoids enormous packaging waste and sometimes reduces the price of a drink by 30-50%.

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Driving less, going less far, avoiding unnecessary trips, even and especially short trips, driving a little slower saves 1 or 2L per 100, would allow us to save hundreds of euros each year, euros which today hui go up in smoke to gain a few minutes that we will spend ... on the phone or spending: vicious circle!

Well I will continue next time, it is so good to give lessons… it would be good if I applied… myself!

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