Thermorossi H2O heat stove

Hydraulic or thermal wood stoves

Hydraulic wood stoves: pellet stoves, log boilers or even thermo-stoves

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They are based on exactly the same principle as pellet stoves but also have a water heat exchanger. They are therefore designed to be connected to a hydraulic circuit (central heating and / or domestic hot water DHW). They can heat the room, the water or both at the same time. They are a good solution to prepare the DHW in winter.

They are, in fact, stoves hybridized between the boiler and the pellet stove, hence their second name: boiler stove.

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Thermo-Edilkamin Charme of 16kW. Strongly resembles a pellet stove without hydraulics.
There are also but it is rather rare (generally it is self-construction see links below) inserts and log stoves with a hydraulic circuit. Here is a model from Rika, an Austrian "high-tech" manufacturer:

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rika aqua tavo
Cross-section of a Rika hydraulic log stove model Tavo Aqua. Around 4000 € HT.
Legend: combustion chamber covered with chamotte (1) allows high hot gas temperatures to prevent the boiler from clogging. Water circulation heat exchangers (2). Thermal flow safety device (3). Go (4) and exit the flue pipe up / behind (5).
Thermal safety sensor (6). Return circulation pump group boiler sensor (7). Service port (8) easily accessible for cleaning (if necessary). Clean panoramic window (9). Combustion air regulator (10). Return lifting unit (11) (optional). 30% of radiant emissions (12) in the living room.

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