Bolloré Blue Car in Turbo

Presentation of the BlueCar Bolloré group.

Key words: electric car, Blue Car, BatsCap, autonomy, innovation, Alain Prost.

This video is taken from the Turbo show broadcast on M6 on March 19, 2006. It presents the Blue Car, Bolloré's 100% electric vehicle. It has also been tested live by Alain Prost who qualifies the BlueCar as "the best electric car he has ever driven".

Characteristics announced:
- range: 200 km
- max speed: 125 km / h
- 0 to 60 km / h: 6,3 s
- Batscap batteries are 3 times smaller and 5 times lighter than lead acid batteries.
- Battery life: 10 years.
- Weight of the on-board batteries: 240 kg.

The selling price, however, is not announced.

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