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Lille: real estate diagnostics for sale and rental

When selling or renting in Lille, the owner of a property is required to carry out certain diagnoses. These diagnoses are in the form of documents to be given to the prospective buyer or tenant. They inform him of the condition of the property and its characteristics. We take stock of the mandatory diagnostics for sale and rental in this article.

The asbestos diagnosis in the context of real estate transaction

The use of asbestos in the construction industry has been banned since 1997. It is a construction material that can trigger serious pathologies when it accumulates in the lungs.

The asbestos sale diagnosis therefore aims to preserve the health of future occupants of a building by preventing them from inhaling asbestos fibers.. The professional looks for the presence of asbestos in partitions, walls, floors, false ceilings and pipes, without destroying anything. If in doubt, he can take samples which will then be analyzed in the laboratory.

The Asbestos Sale Diagnosis is compulsory for sale and concerns buildings for which the building permit was issued before July 1, 1997. In the absence of asbestos, its validity period is unlimited (but the notary may require its renewal. ).

It should be done preferably by a local service provider. Thus, in the North, it is better to have it carried out by a Lille real estate diagnostician to benefit from a qualitative service and without overcharging. You can request a quote online before you make up your mind. The pre-sales asbestos report in Lille can only be carried out by a diagnostician with a competence certificate accredited by COFRAC. He must have taken out insurance.

Asbestos diagnosis of private parts of a home

The Asbestos Private Parts File (DAPP) is the one in which the identification of all flocking, thermal insulation or false ceilings is recorded (identification made without destruction). The presence of these elements in the housing leads directly to a periodic control which verifies the evolution of the state of the materials or of the asbestos products. If any of the materials have deteriorated too much, they will need to be removed or contained by a qualified company. If the deterioration is not too advanced, an accredited laboratory will be requested for a dust measurement. It will determine whether the asbestos material should be removed, contained or whether periodic monitoring is sufficient.

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The DAPP is not only useful in the context of a sale or rental or even a work order. Its realization concerns all the owners of private parts of collective buildings with a building permit dating from before 01/07/1997.

The owner is responsible for the DAPP. All occupants should be made aware of the existence of the report and know what to do to view it. The companies (service providers) working in the building must also be in possession of this report, the remittance must be recorded in writing. Sanctions are foreseen in the event of non-establishment of this diagnosis, like all other obligatory diagnoses in Lille.

real estate diagnosis

Real estate: the lead diagnosis of a home

The finding of risk of exposure to lead (TILES) informs about the presence or absence of lead in a home. Only properties built before 1949 are affected by this real estate diagnosis. The owner who wishes to sell or rent his building must carry out the lead diagnosis to inform the candidate buyer or tenant.

In older buildings, lead is usually found in paints. Crep measures the concentration of lead in coatings and describes the state of conservation of those that contain it. This makes it possible to identify situations of risk of childhood lead poisoning or damage to the property. The validity of the document depends on the type of transaction and the diagnostic results.

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Energy performance diagnostic

The energy performance diagnosis (ECD) allows you to estimate the energy consumption of a property, as well as its greenhouse gas emission rate. It is a document which aims to inform the buyer or the tenant about the accommodation he wishes to buy or rent. It is mandatory and only concerns mainland France. If the accommodation is intended to be occupied for less than 4 months per year, the DPE is not necessary.

The DPE is carried out by a professional diagnostician who meets the certification criteria. The latter must then send the results of the diagnosis to the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) for study. The DPE is valid for 10 years.

Housing energy performance

Gas diagnosis: what conditions?

The gas diagnosis or the condition of the internal gas installation assesses the risks that may endanger the safety of people occupying a building and their property. The seller is required to have this report carried out by a professional and certified diagnostician. Like all other mandatory diagnostics, this document must be attached to the technical diagnostic file (DDT). This will be given to the buyer, either at the time of signing the promise to sell, or at the deed of sale.

The gas diagnosis concerns all homes whose gas installation is more than 15 years old. It is carried out without dismantling the installations and is valid for 3 years.

Electricity diagnosis

Like that of gas, the condition of the internal electricity installation is used to assess the risks that could threaten the safety of people and their property. It is a mandatory diagnosis integrated into the DDT and given to the purchaser at the time of signing the promise of sale or the deed of sale.

The electricity diagnosis can be replaced by a certificate of conformity from the National Committee for the Safety of Electricity Users (Consuel), if this has been done for less than 3 years. The dwellings concerned are those whose electrical installations are more than 15 years old..

Apart from the real estate diagnoses mentioned above, there are many others that can be carried out as part of a real estate transaction in Lille. There are among others the risk and pollution status, the termite diagnosis, the parasitic condition diagnosis, the Carrez area diagnosis and the living area diagnosis.

Some are required for both sale and rental. Others are, either for sale or for hire. If you plan to sell or rent real estate, you can check with a notary to find out about all your obligations.

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