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Electric car rental review and experience

Renting an electric car is now increasingly possible in France. An electric car has many advantages depending on your travel needs and it guarantees you optimal comfort of use. Here are the essential points to remember about electric car rental.

Electric car rental: optimal comfort

A 100% electric car does not have no clutch nor gearbox. It also does not have pistons and spark plugs. This mechanical simplicity makes driving very easy and very quiet (which also poses problems for other users) When you drive a non-automatic thermal vehicle, it will be equipped with a gearbox to be actuated and a clutch pedal to which you will have to pay attention. That is not the case here. When an electric car is in motion, all you have to do is press the accelerator to move forward. The engine system automatically regulates the speed of the vehicle according to the pressure exerted on the accelerator pedal. This allows you to ride in a much more relaxed way, whether in town or on long country roads.

The flexibility of the electric car is also reflected in the efficiency and power of its regenerative engine braking system. The latter starts automatically as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator pedal. It almost replaces the brake pedal. VoIP can therefore ride with more confidence and safety ....and you wear less of your brake discs and pads!

Ultimately, renting a 100% electric car is choosing a means of transport:

  • Smooth driving;
  • Comfortable;
  • Easy to drive;
  • Inexpensive to use: recharge of a few € and very reduced maintenance.

If you want to give it a try, car rental might interest you. There are long term electric car rentals like ENGIE Green Mobility offers.

The offer covers the entire territory and offers you electric vehicles of different ranges according to your needs. It doesn't matter whether you are a young driver or a seasoned driver, a 100% electric vehicle will be an advantageous solution in any case.

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A guarantee of reliability and insurance in long-term rental (leasing or renting)

The 100% electric vehicle is a very reliable means of transport. Its engine has very few moving parts. This makes it less prone to jams and wear than gasoline vehicles. It doesn't get more embarrassing than a mechanical breakdown that brings your vehicle to a halt with an urgent appointment, right? By choosing an electric car, you will not have this kind of problem. Of course, unexpected breakdowns can occur as with any machine. But even in these cases, repairs are generally quick and easy, which makes the use of electric vehicles more convenient than gasoline vehicles.

In addition, as already mentioned above, electric cars have a mode of operation which means that their brakes are not used less. As a result, brake discs and pads are less likely to wear out. This is a pledge of insurance not negligible.

Drive a vehicle with great performance

Renting an electric vehicle means choosing a vehicle high performance. When it comes to efficiency, an electric motor displays impressive statistics. It presents in particular an energy conversion rate that exceeds 85-90%. Almost all of the current supplied by the battery is used to drive the vehicle forward. This is almost 3 times what an internal combustion engine can do. The best touring models have an efficiency of 30% at best. In fact, in a combustion engine, most of the energy is dissipated as heat due to the thermodynamic conversion efficiency and internal friction. Thus almost 70% of the energy of the fuel goes into the coolant and exhaust gases. This is why a heat engine needs good cooling. Disadvantages that an electric car does not present.

The weak link are the electric car batteries but progress is rapid and within a few years the range will be comparable to thermal vehicles. In addition, the electric car knows how to be nervous when starting. It is the characteristics of its electric motor and the power transmission chain that makes this possible.

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2021 Electric Car Battery Technology Update

This video from an amateur youtuber takes stock of current battery technology in a fairly complete 1 hour video, you can discuss it here electric car and batteries video synthesis in 2021

A cheaper car to use

Renting an electric car is very financially advantageous. In use, it costs less than any other non-electric vehicle. For example, to make it run for 100 km, you will only have to spend 2 € at most. That's almost 5 times less than it takes to drive a gasoline car the same distance.
In addition, in the event of a long-term rental as mentioned above, for example by ENGIE, the maintenance of an electric vehicle will cost you less than the maintenance of a non-electric vehicle. You will be able to achieve up to 35% savings.
What about the cost of the rental? It all depends on your provider and the type of vehicles you want to rent. Some rental companies offer electric cars at very competitive rates. You can even find cheaper ones compared to conventional vehicles. Ideal if you drive a lot in the city and have the possibility of easily recharging your electric car near you!

The best option for having a fuel-efficient car in the city?

In addition to being simple and reliable, the electric car makes it possible to carry out energy savings in the urban cycle and reduce urban pollution. This is because its components do not consume (or very little) energy when stationary, at red lights or traffic jams for example. No wasted energy when stationary and no risk of overheating during heat waves in the city!
Obviously an electric car does not emit polluting exhaust gases but in terms of CO2 it is necessary to the comparative CO2 eco-balance of an electric car to a thermal car to precisely compare the 2 technologies.
Driving in the city is a result of acceleration and braking: a thermal car suffers a lot from this type of driving, an electric car is very comfortable on the other hand. In addition, its regenerative braking does not induce wasted energy, as can be seen in internal combustion cars.
The electric car turns out to be very economical by its mode of operation and its technology in town! A thermal car consumes more in the city than on the highway for the reasons mentioned above, an electric car is the reverse. The city is therefore the favorite place for electric cars.

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An eco-responsible rental

In addition, at the end of its life, as an electric car is simpler than a thermal car, it can be recycled more easily. Some components of electric cars such as the batteries are fully recyclable. When they reach the end of their life, the metals used in their design are extracted to be reused for other purposes. It also limits the car's overall impact on the environment.
The 100% electric car is a guarantee of comfort, reliability, insurance and safety. If its autonomy is limited on the motorway to a few hundred km, it is on the contrary very interesting in the city compared to a thermal car.

Electric car rental is also a great way to test an electric car for a few days before perhaps considering a purchase?

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  1. Thank you for this very informative article. My brother has been advocating the transition to electric mobility for a while. Renting a car will allow me to assess in advance if it suits my needs. I would have tried, at least, as our father would say!

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