BlueCar Electric Car

During road tests of his BlueCar electric car, on January 24, 2006, in Ergué-Gabéric (29), Vincent Bolloré announced the construction of a factory near Quimper for the industrial production of the electric battery developed by his BatScap subsidiary (80% Bolloré, 20% EDF).

A hundred jobs would be the key.

Road cut off to traffic for twenty minutes to reach the two sites of Odet and Pen Carn of the Bolloré group in Ergué Gabéric, police motorcyclists opening the road, presence of elected officials and officials in the procession despite the discretion of their agendas.

Vincent Bolloré did not go to half measures to demonstrate that his BlueCar as well as two "mules"), in fact demotorized Ford Fusion and re-equipped with electric power, were able to run after the static presentation of the BlueCar during at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2005.

Twelve years of research. Twelve years of research and 70 million euros of investment were necessary for Bolloré to develop the lithuim-metal-polymer battery advertised as being five times lighter than a lead-acid battery, offering an autonomy of about 250 kilometers.

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The BlueCar, a two million euro prototype designed around an electric motor, has a top speed of 125 km / h. Six hours for a full battery recharge and a cost of one euro per 100 km.

Designed by Philippe Guédon, former president of Matra Automobile, and designed by the Italian Pininfarina, the BlueCar can carry three people and 810 dm3 of luggage.

Although it is confirmed that Vincent Bolloré has not found a manufacturer for his car, a small series should however see the light of day.

10.000 batteries per year The Pen Carn factory, with a surface area of ​​between 16.000 and 20.000 m2, which Vincent Bolloré announced the construction of yesterday, will aim to manufacture the battery on an industrial scale and switch from production from 200 to 10.000 units per year.

The investment would be estimated at 150 million euros for this battery which also has applications in stationary installations.

The building permit must be filed in March for an operational plant in about two years.
Vincent Bolloré mentioned the creation of one hundred new jobs (engineers and grad 4).

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The rolling version of the BlueCar will be presented at the next Geneva Motor Show in March.

Jacky Hamard, The Telegram January 25 2006

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