Energy saving: calculate the profitability of energy-saving bulbs and CO2 in flash

In partnership with the site, we have developed a very accessible flash version of our econological comparator of economical light bulbs (compact fluorescent or led) available for a few months as a excel file to download.

This economical bulb comparator calculator makes it possible to estimate the economic profitability and on the CO2 of the use of one or more energy saving bulbs. A few days ago, this calculator was the subject of a passage in Figaro

Two versions are available depending on your screen:
- a "large" version for large screens, in a special page: the bulb calculator page
- a version integrated into the site in the form of an article.

These 2 versions vary slightly in their presentation but the results are strictly identical. Obviously the Excel version (a little more complete because with a graph giving the point of return on investment) is still available for download.

You can present this calculator to your friends and contacts, but also present your results or remarks on the forum dedicated to the return on investment of a bulb.

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economic spot bulb calculator

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