Compare profitability saving light bulbs

Return on investment calculator and CO2 comparator for the use of so-called energy-saving or LED bulbs. by C.Martz and PP

This calculator was quoted in an article du Figaro, click for more information.

How it works?

  • Calculator in flash, it is therefore necessary to have the functional flash plugin in your browser. If not click here
  • Explanations detailed on the origin of this calculator
  • Just fill in the boxes in the left column, value in red, and look at the results
  • Help is integrated, click on the "Input help" button
  • The default values ​​are real and correspond to this spot bulb R50 used in France (0.12 € the kWh)
  • An excel format version with a ROI graph is download here
  • For any remark, question or presentation of your results: use the topic reserved for this calculator
  • This kind of calculations and reasoning interests you? Come talk to us about our forums

Good fun !

To go further, download the excel version of this calculator.

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