LED lighting SMD, tests and comparison vs halogen and CFL. The maturity of the LED bulbs?

SMD LED bulbs, which have recently arrived on the market (at least, at “democratic” prices), show that LED lighting technology is (finally) reaching maturity in terms of lighting quality.

Indeed; this SMD GU10 60 Leds 3W bulb can really compete with a GU10 halogen bulb: the lighting is instantaneous, the angle is wider than the halogen (better light diffusion) and the average lighting is very interesting compared to the power consumed (see details below).

SMD LED bulb GU10

SMD LED bulb 60 GU10 3W

We carried out a comparative test whose results and measurements were published on our forums: tests and trials of a 60 Leds SMD bulb.

These are comparative tests carried out with a luxmeter on 15 “random” measurement points between 3 GU10 bulbs:
- a 50W halogen,
- a GU10 Megaman 9W compact fluorescent bulb
- a 3W SMD led bulb.

The average luminous efficiency (compared to the consumption of the halogen bulb) is 8,25 for the SMD led, while the compact fluorescent is at 2,28 (see curves and table below). In other words, the SMD bulb is 8.25 / 2.28 = 3.6 times more environmentally friendly than a quality 9W compact fluorescent bulb.

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With SMD technology, the LEDs have crossed a certain maturity cap.

Some details of the tests:

gu10 SMD halogen fluo
test performance bulb smd

performance bulb smd
comparative performance bulb smd

In view of these interesting results on SMD technology, we also offer a spot recessed 45 SMD LEDs stainless IP44.

For more information and discuss your impressions:
- Details of these tests with figures, analyzes, operating temperature measurements and feedbacks: tests and comparative tests of economical bulbs, halogen and SMD leds
- Consult the product sheets for 2 SMD bulbs: SMD GU10 3W and LED MR16 12V and Stainless spot 45 SMD

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