Climate: chronicle of an announced upheaval

of Didier Hauglustaine, Jean Jouzel, Hervé Le Treut
The apple tree, 2004

Chronicle of an announced upheaval

Summary :
Is the sky going to fall on our heads? We all know today how much the climate of our planet can be subject to big upheavals - the past testifies eloquently -, we know the fragility of the climatic balance and we measure the increasing disturbance brought by human activities in releasing gases and particles into the atmosphere. This book takes stock of our knowledge, the uncertainties that remain and the conclusions already within our reach. Is there still time to react?

Authors :
Didier Hauglustaine, CNRS researcher, works at the CEA-CNRS Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE). Jean Jouzel is research director at CEA, director of the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute (IPSL), of which LMD and LSCE are part; he won the 2002 CNRS gold medal jointly with Claude Lorius. Hervé Le Treut is research director at the CNRS, professor at the Ecole Polytechnique and heads the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory (CNRS / Normale sup./X/Paris 6).

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