Climate: Dangerous game

from Jouzel, Debroise
Dunod, 2004

dangerous game climate

Summary :
Remember the summer of 2003. The suffocating heat. Difficult nights. Nearly fifteen thousand additional deaths in France. Temperatures were 4 ° C higher than during the 1900-2003 period. If we are not careful, these heat waves will be almost systematic in France, in the summer, in 50 years. The delirium of a paranoid meteorologist? Alas no. What was, 15 years ago, only a probability has become a certainty, today there is a very clear trend towards global warming. The culprits of this global warming would be greenhouse gases, emitted in increasing quantities by human activities in our Western countries. Should these alarmist predictions be taken seriously? What are the arguments of the skeptics? This book attempts to answer the questions that every citizen asks. Thanks to this book, you will be able to form an opinion, become aware of the urgency of collective action, and influence the political choices that must be made as quickly as possible.

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