The Greenhouse Effect: Are we going to change the climate?

Hervé Le Treut, Jean-Marc Jancovici
Flammarion, 2004

Hervé Le Treut, Jean-Marc Jancovici

Summary :
Since the appearance of life, man is the first species capable of disrupting the climatic conditions reigning on Earth. In less than a century, the increase in the greenhouse effect, a consequence of the increasing use of energy, is likely to cause an unprecedented warming of our planet
But what is the greenhouse effect ~ What are the activities that emit greenhouse gases ~ Are the forecasts reliable, Is it possible to estimate the consequences of this climate change and manage the risks incurred? And finally, what to do if we find this development unacceptable and if we want to decide our future
Thrown into the heart of a societal debate on an unprecedented scale, researchers are divided between a necessary caution, as science does not yet have an obvious answer to the problems it raises, and a feeling of urgency, because for moderating a development that is already largely unavoidable, with considerable impacts, the time to act is now. How far are we going to change the climate?

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