Download: Asbestos health risk short fibers by Afsset

Short fibers and fine asbestos fibers Afsset Opinion
Collective expertise report
published in February 2009.

Taking into account the dimensional criterion for the characterization of health risks linked to asbestos inhalation.

Re-evaluation of toxicological, metrological and epidemiological data with a view to assessing health risks in the general and professional population.

Afsset's mission is to contribute to ensuring health security in the field of environment and work and to assess the health risks that they may involve. It provides the competent authorities with all the information on these risks, as well as the expertise and technical support necessary for the preparation of legislative and regulatory provisions and the implementation of risk management measures.

Asbestos = 100 dead in France?
INRS website on asbestos

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Asbestos: health risk of short fibers by Afsset

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