Download: Convention biodegradable bags for garbage

Convention on biodegradable waste bags for collection of biodegradable waste for their organic recovery.

The objective of this agreement is to encourage and optimize the management of the end of life of fermentable waste within the framework of appropriate organic recovery channels through the development of bioplastic waste bags.

It is agreed between the parties that within the strict framework of this agreement the terms “bioplastic waste bags” are understood as follows: biodegradable plastic waste bags within the meaning of standard NF EN 13432-2000 and the requirements of the label OK Compost or OK Compost Home or any other label recognized by the public authorities and made up of a minimum of 40% material

The interest of promoting waste bags of plant origin and biodegradable in the context of organic waste recovery has been validated by ADEME.

Bioplastics and biodegradable plastics in French supermarkets

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