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Uplix's vision for the future of SEO for businesses

Our world is experiencing accelerated digitalization, especially since the Covid 19 crisis, and the Internet is taking an increasingly important part of everyone's life. This is also the case for businesses, for whom the need to havean operational professional website is now obvious.

This is where the notion of SEO takes on its full meaning and importance! This sometimes misunderstood tool is the key to improving the visibility of your company in an environment where a good internet showcase is worth as much, or even more, than prospecting in the field.

What is SEO and what are the benefits for businesses? Uplix reveals the implications of a good SEO strategy in business.

SEO is a living organism dependent on the continuous modifications of different algorithms

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, characterizes all the techniques implemented to optimize the natural referencing of websites on Google. The goal of an SEO strategy is to make a website appear on the first page of the search engine.

To achieve such a result, the application of certain fundamental principles is recommended, in particular:

  • definition of keywords on which one wishes to position his website, namely the main words appearing on a request that one types in a search engine;

  • the implementation of external links leading to authoritative websites;

  • inserting internal links leading to other pages of the professional website, in order to develop a relevant internal network;

  • establishing consistent html tags to structure the pages of the website.

What is SEO

Google algorithms change: SEO techniques too!

Because SEO aims for the referencing of websites on Google, the slightest variation in the latter leads to fluctuations in the ranking of sites as well as in the way of optimizing them. Far from being fixed, the practice of SEO is therefore set to evolve according to the updates of the many algorithms of Google.

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Such variability, while it can sometimes lead to changes in positioning for websites, is in no way synonymous with a fluctuating course of action. On the contrary, these constant updates all contribute to improve the functioning of the search engine and therefore the user experience. SEO follows this movement closely and also aims to make the content of websites more pleasant to the eyes of readers.

Use an SEO agency to guarantee the referencing of your professional website

SEO is to be taken into account from the design of a professional website, but must also remain a constant challenge to adapt it to Google's developments. To follow the progress of Google's algorithms in the best possible way, it is recommended to use a SEO agency like Uplix. Its role is to ensure the compliance of web content with the recommendations made by Google and to support companies in the referencing of their professional website.

The importance of online visibility for businesses before and after the pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has had the effect, among other things, of a generalized awareness of the importance of digital in our society. Many companies whose activity has been disrupted during the crisis have turned more to digital communication and have grasped the importance of a well-ordered internet showcase visible to as many people as possible. SEO in business was already an added value before the coronavirus crisis, but in the world after covid it is now a necessity! Among these benefits are:

  • greater visibility of the professional website, which results in more visits;

  • better traffic targeting guaranteed by the definition of keywords that correspond exactly to your activity;

  • a better conversion rate ;

  • the assurance of getting more and more constant traffic ;

  • improving the user experience, essential to the success of your professional website;

  • an increase in turnover.

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SEO advantage

Businesses incorporate SEO into their 360° marketing strategy

SEO in business has other interests than just the referencing of a professional website: it also allows collect information that companies can incorporate into their marketing strategy. SEO and marketing analysis indeed go hand in hand and tools like Google analytics collect and interpret usage data from a professional website. By analyzing the traffic of its site, a company can visualize very concretely which pages attract the most users, by which way these arrive on the pages, which keywords work better than the others, etc.

Having a clear idea of ​​the general activity of its professional website and how its leads are generated is an effective way to guide your marketing strategy.

The impact of UX optimization and local SEO

What is UX?

One of the reasons for the evolution of Google's algorithms is the ever greater consideration of UX, or User eXperience, in the referencing of sites. A well-thought-out user experience is a major asset for the SEO of a professional website. UX design combines all the elements that make using a website pleasant or not., such as :

  • smooth navigation between the different pages of the site;

  • fast loading pages ;

  • the general credibility of the site as well as its reassuring character;

  • compatibility with all types of media, including smartphones;

  • the fact that each page of the site meets the needs of users and offers quality content ;

  • general ergonomics of the site.

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The challenges of local SEO for businesses

The solution of local natural referencing allows companies to adopt a geographical positioning on Google and thus be found by users close to them. This way of proceeding is very practical for certain sectors where local establishment is the main issue, for example electricians, hairdressers, or car dealerships.

Local SEO

Why use an SXO agency?

At the crossroads between UX design and SEO is located the SXO, which Uplix has made a specialty of. It refers to optimization, the objective of which is twofold: to please Google's algorithms and to attach great importance to the quality of user navigation, whose successful or unsuccessful experience determines the success of the site. Combining natural referencing and optimizing the user experience is the best way to provide your professional website with constant and lasting SEO!

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