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Fill it up please ! : The solution to the energy problem (Pocket)

Jean-Marc Jancovici (Author), Alain Grandjean (Author)

Paperback: 185 pages Publisher: Seuil (February 9 2006) Collection: HC TEST

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What if the rise in the price of oil was the start of a healthy drug addiction crisis? What if we had to encourage this increase, or even increase it? If energy is worthless - for it is incredibly undervalued - it is because neither the depletion of oil resources, nor the cost of climate change, are included in its price. By some surprising sleight of hand, it turns out that GDP can grow as we hit the wall. We therefore live in the illusion of an inexhaustible and inexpensive source of energy, an illusion that hides from us the climatic, economic and political catastrophes to come. It is time for each of us to be realistic. A progressive and voluntary tax on oil would not only benefit nature, but would protect ourselves, starting with the most modest, in the face of future economic changes. A strong and iconoclastic idea, for a book that should incite debate.

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By writing this modest work, we did not have the ambition to double the turnover of Colombian cartels, vodka or revolver manufacturers, but rather to call for the salutary start that our children will thank us for. Between revolution and renunciation, there is indeed a narrow but unavoidable way to take the bull by the horns: pay for energy at its true price. It is not normal that a liquid that nature has taken tens of thousands of years to manufacture, which is not renewable, which will start to run out in ten or twenty years and disrupt the climate, is worth less than human labor in the West. »Finally a reasonable solution to the energy problem! Or how to detoxify yourself from the great modern drug: petroleum.

Authors biography

JEAN-MARC JANCOVICI and ALAIN GRANDJEAN are both former students of the Ecole Polytechnique. The first is a consulting engineer for large companies and the State. The second, an economist, chairs the company "Sustainable Capitalism".

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