The Green Deception

Peter Kohler
280 pages, 3 September 2002, Albin Michel

green imposture of the ecologists

At the end of a long investigation, Pierre Kohler, who was head of RTL's scientific information service for more than twenty years, reveals the strange collusion that unites environmentalists, scientists, industrialists, politicians and journalists for "ideological" purposes. or mercantile. The laudable fight for a better environment is too often only a pretext and a foil.

Through some twenty files, Pierre Kohler reveals what is hidden behind most of the fighting for the environment and dismantles the mechanism of a real disinformation which is similar, in some cases, to a manipulation of public opinion in the planetary scale.

Econology comments
And yes, it may appear strange to some of our visitors but we recommend this book which denounces the abuses of certain environmentalists in the pay of industrialists. Above all, this book allows you to have a different approach to green parties… We leave you alone to judge.

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