Wood wool to insulate

Properties and characteristics of the main natural and ecological insulation.

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3) wood wool

Wood wool, which is not well known, is made from wood fiber and lignin, available (rarely) in rolls or in bulk, and most of the time offered in “aglomeric” panels. It has one of the best performances on the market.

It adapts to all types of work (insulation of walls, roofs, attics, exteriors, etc.) and has a long lifespan but a density, therefore a mass, which varies greatly and which can be significant. We find wood wool panels of 50, 150 or 200 kg / m3.

Thermal properties:

  • Thermal conductivity (density): 0,039 (50 kg / m3) 0,042 (150 kg / m3) or 0,05 (200 kg / m3) W / m ° C.
  • Thermal resistance for a layer of 10 cm Excelsior 150 kg / m3: 0,1 / 0,042 2,38 = m² ° C / W.. In other words, a cork m2 of 10cm will pass 0,42W (1 / 2,38) per degree of temperature difference.

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