Miracle plant against cancer

University of Windsor biochemistry professor Siyaram Pandey says he has discovered pancracy sdaden, a compound from the spider lily, that could revolutionize cancer treatment.

By testing the spider lily compound on cells with different cancers 10, Mr. Pandey found that he was triggering a cancer cell suicide program without affecting the healthy ones. Moreover, the compound has the advantage of not being toxic.
This is an important scientific breakthrough since the other cancer drugs available in Canada, Taxol and VP 16, are toxic and attack both cancer cells and those that are not.

However, it takes a large amount of this plant to get a few milligrams of sdaden pancracy. In addition, the spider lily grows only in the desert of Arizona and Hawai. The researchers will have to synthesize the compound. Prior to effective treatment, animal experiments and clinical trials will have to be performed, which will take several years.

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