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Short-term links between mortality and hospital admissions and air pollution levels in nine French cities Weekly epidemiological bulletin (02 / 2009).


In France, the evolution of the levels and the chemical composition of urban air pollution, as well as the generalization of the measurement of particulate pollution indicators (PM10) justified an update, for the period 2000-2004, of the results obtained. as part of the Air and Health Surveillance Program (Psas) on the short-term relationships between air pollution and mortality and hospital admissions.

The analysis based on time series consisted in relating the short-term variations of health status indicators (mortality and hospitalizations) to those of the indicators of exposure to atmospheric pollution (NO2, O3 and PM10). The relative risks were estimated for each city then a combined analysis of these results was carried out.

The risk of death from any cause or from cardiovascular and cardiac causes is significantly associated with all of the pollution indicators studied. Hospitalizations for cardiovascular causes are also significantly associated with NO2 and PM10 levels but not with ozone.

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These two studies confirm the existence of significant links between commonly observed levels of air pollution and health indicators. They have also made it possible to obtain estimators that can be used for carrying out an assessment of the health impact of atmospheric pollution.
in France.

- urban pollution and mortality (environment)
- Pollution by fine particles

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