Photos and details of a solar thermal installation

Photos and history of a wooden solar house in Lorraine by Jean Gireaudot.

This page is part of the record Solar energy, renovation of a solar house.

Here is the mounting of the principle plane (to enlarge: plan of a solar circuit and wood).

solar wood plane

For more information and details on the installation, read this article: plan and explanations of a wooden solar house.

Details of the solar cumulus

Connection of the 200 liter APPER solar cumulus in series on the electric tank for domestic hot water. Details of connections 2 cold inlets and 2 hot outlets (network water and solar).

solar cumulus

Details of the regulation

Everything is based on simple comparators: robustness and low price largely compensate for their relative, lack of precision and performance.

Of course, no professional will be able to put you up to such regulations anymore.

A comparator is mounted for the DHW circuit with the "cold" side in the tank and a comparator is mounted for the heating circuit with the "cold" side in the 1000L buffer tank.

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Each comparator simply controls the respective circulator ON / OFF.

simple solar control

solar comparator

solar regulation by comparator

These regulations may seem very basic to you compared to what we find on the market but in the end, this type of regulation is much more econological than a regulation costing several hundred euros ...

The solar technical room: under construction and completed

Small extension at home to put the solar buffer tank of 1000L.

solar building under construction

finished solar room

The solar buffer tank

No worries, this configuration is that of "tests" for the first winter, it will be made cleaner very quickly.

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solar buffer

solar tank

solar stock

The pipes before and after insulation

Some insulators work miracles at the presentation level?

pipe insulation

pipe insulation

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