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Ecology after life: why choose an ecological coffin?

The ecological coffin is gaining more and more followers in France. It is a coffin made from a biodegradable material such as cardboard, paper, kraft paper, cellulose and wood powder. In addition, its use is now authorized by law, whether for burial or cremation. However, it is governed by the General Code of Local Authorities which requires the installation of a watertight and resistant basin.

The ecological coffin must have a closing system and an identification plate. The manufacturing material must also be approved by the Ministry of Health. In any case, the ecological coffin has many advantages that we will see through the following lines.

To save money

We can say that the choice of an ecological coffin is more economical. On the one hand, a classic solid wood coffin costs between 800 and 3 €, or even more from funeral directors. The bill is likely to rise even more if other services such as repatriation and cremation are provided. On the other side, an ecological coffin costs between 100 and 700 € only. Which makes it cost up to 5 times less.

An entry-level cardboard model costs around €300. For $600-$700 you can have a custom top model. In any case, this affordable side reduces the expenses related to the funeral. In addition, it is possible to compare the offers of different funeral directors to find the best quality price.

For a lighter coffin

The weight is another advantage of the ecological coffin. Indeed, it weighs only about 10 kilos, compared to 50 kilos for the traditional solid wood coffin. It happens that relatives wish to carry the chest to get closer to the deceased and pay homage to him. In this case, the weight is no longer prohibitive.

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Even for funeral professionals, the ecological coffin is easier to carry. At the same time, it is just as waterproof, robust and resistant as the classic wooden coffin. It is also elegant and the colors are to choose from for those who wish to be out of the ordinary.

To be able to personalize the coffin

Personalization is one of the remarkable assets of the ecological coffin. The biodegradable materials used for manufacturing actually allow it to be personalized according to the tastes and personality of the deceased. As we have just indicated, it is possible to choose an unusual color such as blue, green or gray.

In addition, it is possible to cover the coffin or the lid with special motifs such as a landscape, flowers, stars, etc. It is also possible to order a personalized model with an image or an inscription. In this, manufacturers use exclusively ecological and biodegradable paint.

For the interior of the trunk, some people choose cushions or quilted fabrics to make it even more elegant. This is another way to pay homage to the loved one who has just left. Note also that no law prohibits the use of an ecological coffin without a cushion inside, but you can add one if you wish.

In a nutshell, manufacturers offer various personality possibilities for eco-friendly coffins. Everyone can choose according to their preferences. There are Eco-Cerc wood-veneered cardboard models for those who prefer imitation wood. But it is quite possible to think outside the box by ordering a more original ecological coffin with ornaments printed on the outer walls.

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To respect the environment

As the name suggests, an eco-coffin is environmentally friendly. Unlike a solid wood coffin, it poses no risk to the planet. All the elements that compose it degrade quite quickly without polluting either the soil or the water. Moreover, this is the main reason that pushes environmentalists to mobilize people to use this kind of coffin.

Biodegradable materials

Besides the materials we have already listed before, manufacturers can also use organic wood like poplar wood, wicker, paper mache, bamboo, seagrass and sand. These are all eco-friendly materials that preserve the sustainability of natural resources. With regard to cardboard in particular, it is often obtained from a mixture of cellulose, kraft paper, wood powder and recycled paper fibers. This composition facilitates and accelerates its degradation. In the case of a cremation, total combustion takes only 45 minutes, compared to about 2 hours for wood.

Currently, some manufacturers even offer compostable caskets. Like all ecological coffins, they decompose naturally without polluting once buried. But it can then be used as compost. Thus, it is possible to put a tree seed in the pit at the time of burial, before the burial of the coffin. Upon decay, it will help the tree grow well. The tree is then called tree of life or tree of memory.

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An ecological assembly method

Not only are manufacturers required to use only eco-responsible raw materials, other products needed to produce eco-friendly caskets must also meet environmental standards. In particular, it is necessary to use a glue derived from corn or potato starch which must in no case contain solvent or any other chemical substance.

In addition, if the order includes a cushion or other textile element for the interior of the trunk, it must be made of biodegradable natural fibers such as organic cotton. The paint and ink used for personalization must be 100% environmentally friendly. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the complete degradation of the coffin.

You should also know that the manufacture of an eco-responsible coffin requires few resources. It simply consists of assembling the different parts of the coffin. Then just stick the walls together. Moreover, it is possible to order a model in spare parts that can be easily assembled.

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