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How do I choose my designer bedside lamp?

We do not fail to bet on a designer bedside lamp when you want to decorate your bedroom. This type of lamp has a multitude of practical as well as aesthetic utilities. It therefore deserves your full attention. To help you find the ideal designer bedside lamp, we bring you our advice and expertise.

The bedside lamp: an essential decorative and functional accessory in the bedroom

The bedside lamp has two functions. It is first and foremost an auxiliary light to make your life easier. The bedside lamp accompanies you when you go to bed, while reading and when you wake up. It also plays a decorative role, by harmonizing with your furniture or on the contrary by creating a contrast. The designer bedside lamp is one of those details that make the difference between a cold room and a room with character.

designer bedside lamp

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing my designer bedside lamp?

To take full advantage of all the advantages offered by the designer bedside lamp, it should be chosen with care. You need to ensure that it meets both your practical and aesthetic needs. For this, there are 5 criteria to consider at the time of purchase, namely color, material of manufacture, features, size and type. Each of these elements will indeed influence the longevity, versatility and comfort level of your designer bedside lamp.

The color of the bedside lamp

The color of your designer bedside lamp will determine its visibility and style. You have two options for this selection criterion. You can either opt for a color matching the overall tone of your decoration or choose a coloring in contrast with it. In the first case, the goal is to create a harmonious whole where the bedside lamp blends in perfectly with the decor. In the second scenario, the idea is to draw attention to this decorative accessory without causing a messy effect.

The material

Unlike color, the material of manufacture of your designer bedside lamp influences both the style and practicality of your bedside lamp. Stainless steel is ideal for modern or industrial decorations. It is appreciated for its resistance, its lightness and its ease of maintenance. Wood, on the other hand, is more suitable for a natural and warm style like the Scandinavian trend. It is precisely appreciated for its organic texture. Bamboo is also one of the interesting materials for its originality.

The dimensions

The dimensions of your bedside lamp determine its visibility and size. Unlike the other criteria, however, they put a strain on you. You must indeed choose a lamp suitable for your bedside table. Taking this constraint into account, you then have two options. The first is to opt for an imposing model to place it at the center of your decoration. In this case, be careful to choose a lamp with a clean style to avoid an effect of heaviness. The second alternative is to choose a smaller version, but rich in relief.

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Bedside lamp on foot or not?

The standing bedside lamp is more stable and sturdy. However, it imposes more constraints since it requires a perfectly flat surface. The flat lamp is more versatile. It also has the advantage of being less bulky. Note that the presence or absence of a foot can also influence the style of your lamp. Modern models indeed have a flat and smooth design. Conversely, more exotic or retro lamps have a foot to enhance its many contrasts.

The options offered by LED bedside lamps

The market for designer bedside lamps has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. Now, these decorative accessories have a multitude of options to make your life easier. The clip-on bedside lamp, for example, no longer needs to be placed on a table. You can fix it on any support to save space or enjoy a better lighting angle. You can also find touch models for easy and intuitive handling. For those who are environmentally conscious, the rechargeable designer bedside lamp helps reduce energy consumption.

What style of modern bedside lamp to choose according to the decor of my room?

To choose the practical criteria for your bedside lamp, you just need to arm yourself with your critical sense and your logic. For more aesthetic elements, however, there needs to be a guideline or framework for reflection. To guide you, you can rely on the decorating style of your room. As usual, you have two options. The bedside lamp can match or oppose your bedroom style to create contrast.

The industrial bedside lamp

The industrial style can be recognized by the use of raw materials such as metal and untreated wood. He also uses neutral colors, with a preference for gray and black. The industrial bedside lamp is ideal for clean and pragmatic decorations. It harmonizes with wood and metal furniture. If you want to use it to create a contrast, know that it is especially suited to contemporary styles. However, it risks creating an effect of imbalance in a traditional decoration.

industrial bedside lamp

The traditional bedside lamp with shade

The traditional bedside lamp with shade is suitable for any decor. Unlike the Scandinavian version, however, this versatility is due to its diversity. It comes in all styles and uses a multitude of materials and colors. You can integrate it into your decoration by making sure to adapt its design with that of your furniture and other accessories. If your bedroom has a clean style, for example, go for a slim lamp with a neutral shade.

Modern wood bedside lamp

The Scandinavian bedside lamp

The Scandinavian bedside lamp has the advantage of being versatile. It fits into any decoration thanks to its timeless shapes and soft colors. If you want to place it in a Scandinavian bedroom, choose it in a shade similar to that of your other decor items. Conversely, if you want to install it in another style of decoration, opt for a neutral shade such as white or gray.

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scandinavian lamp

The contemporary bedside lamp

The contemporary bedside lamp can be recognized by its simple geometric shapes. It can be round or square. It mainly uses modern materials such as steel or plastic. You can integrate it into a contemporary, industrial or natural decoration. In any case, choose sober colors for a harmonious rendering. The original colors such as blue, green or red should be used with care. They should match other items like the headboard, linens and rugs.

Adjustable floor lamp

Presentation and product tests of the LED lamp "Ampulla Horizon" bedside table from Silumen. A high-end designer and connected lamp.

THEAmpulla Horizon is a connected bedside lamp and design mixing warmth of wood with the shine of metal, recalling the natural shape of a bonsai.

First impressions after a few weeks of using this unusual bedside lamp !

The sales presentation gives a small overview of the quality and the many features of this lamp:

Ampulla Horizon functions

Ampulla Horizon GSM mobile functions

Horizon bedside lamp unboxing

Uboxing has become an important step for many when choosing a product.

The box and the the packaging are of very good quality, the box is of type "scratchée" with hollowed out ribbon and a gilding on the top. We are in the quality packaging. You have to buy high-end equipment from HTC Vive or Apple to have packaging of such a level.

Such a level of packaging is even surprising for a "simple" bedside lamp! But you will see it below: it is not a simple bedside lamp ...

Ampulla Horizon Box

First impressions: it's (the) class!

After a few minutes of unpacking, again no bad surprises: the lamp impresses, especially when placed on a wooden support. The materials are of high quality: natural wood for the cover and quality plastics pleasant to the touch for the rest ...

The Ampulla Horizon is quite heavy but it is a guarantee of the quality of the materials used, in particular the speakers.

Ampulla Horizon

Choice of lighting color: warm white or cool white

A simple touch of the central control panel allows you to switch between light type to other or adjust light intensity.

We clearly prefer the warm white color subdued for its warm and relaxing effect in a room. But some will prefer cool white for near sunlight, making it easier, for example, to read at night.

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I have fallen asleep in warm white minimum subdued mode without any worries about waking up at night! It is a calming color.

Ampulla Horizon cold white

Ampulla Horizon Warm White

The LCD screen is located in the middle of the top of the lamp, it is large and accessible. When it is not touched, only the clock is visible. It is automatically adjusted by Bluetooth and has the clock radio function via a mobile phone or tablet.

Bulb Horizon LCD

Bluetooth 5.0 function, quality speaker and integrated induction charger

This lamp is also and above all a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is quick and easy, which is not yet the case with all Bluetooth speakers on the market. Once connected you adjust the sound of the lamp via your phone and you can listen to what you want on it.

La sound quality is, in my experience, quite good. Especially the bass which is quite impressive.

The lamp also has a induction charger as shown in the photo below. Its general power supply is via a mains unit. The maximum power consumed is 29 Watts.

Ampulla Horizon charging induction

In summary, this lamp has the following functions:

  • LED lighting design 2 colors and continuously variable
  • night mode: the lamp switches off after 30 minutes
  • 5.0W high sound quality bluetooth 15 speaker
  • TWS function: True Wireless Stereo
  • possibility of coupling 2 lamps on the same source
  • fast induction charging 10W on Android, 7.5W on iOS with QiStandard (refill up to 40 mm thick)
  • LCD touch screen for setting functions
  • clock set automatically via Bluetooth

Conclusion: a very well made lamp but ...

This last illustration shows a last detail of the “vegetal” or “bonsai” oriented design: the beauty of the chrome base!

Ampulla Horizon tree lamp

Foot which is the object of a slight disappointment, because contrary to its appearance, the chrome shaft that supports the natural wood cover is made of plastic and not in chromed metal as one might guess or hope. It is certainly a very good quality plastic, but a plastic all the same. Perhaps the wireless functions of this lamp or the integrated induction charging prevented the use of metal at this point of the lamp?

Anyway, despite this unique small flaw in our eyes (some will not be offended), we remain on a very high quality lamp!

Very high quality which can be seen in the price level since it is in the middle upscale for the general public. This lamp is indeed offered at a price around € 250, which may seem high but for such quality and originality, it is not really!

This lamp is a (very) beautiful Christmas or birthday present. It is also a beautiful object of interior decoration for someone looking for originality combined with modern technology while maintaining a touch of naturalness !

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Presentation video of the Ampulla Horizon's little sister from the Light of Tree range:

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