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The underside of the cards: an excellent issue of geopolitics

Program summary

In a very synthetic way, the bottom of the cards present in the form of episodes of 10 minutes, the strategic, geopolitical or political stakes hiding behind a map, current or past, of a region of the globe.

The strength of this series is, in our opinion, the fact that it presents a fast, clear and understandable for all geopolitical issues.

It's an excellent show for anyone who wants to better understand the complex world around us.

The author: Jean Christophe Victor.

Jean-Christophe Victor, director of LEPAC (Laboratory of Political and Cartographic Studies), teaches geopolitics at the War School (Joint Defense College) and at the IIAP (International Institute of Public Administration). He is the author of:

- "The Afghan issue or the city of murmurs", published by Lattès - Paris 1993
- "Weapons: France Troisième Grand", published by Autrement Paris 1985
- "Planète Antarctique" (Co-author, with Paul-Emile Victor) at Robert Laffont, 1992

Our selection

All episodes of Unders are unfortunately not available in Dvd but Arte Video regularly publishes synthesis Dvds bringing together broadcasts related to a common subject, these are some of the syntheses that we have selected for you.

  • Under the cards: A planet in suspension
  • An essential cartographic journey to understand the pressures and threats that weigh on our planet.

    Deforestation, desertification, pollution of the seas, water shortages, global warming: this DVD offers a cartographic route to understand the threats hanging over our planet…

    below the cards

    DVD Summary: Editorial by JC Victor - Deforestation: the case of the Amazon rainforest - Desertification - Pollution of the seas: Causes - Pollution of the seas: Solutions - The "Great North" attacked - Interview with Aqqaluk Lynge - Gulf of Guinea: oil or ecotourism? - Water and mega-cities today - Water on earth in 2025- Hydropolitics: the dam on the Yangzi- Large dams: towards hydraulic dependence - Global warming: history by the ICES.

  • The bottom of the cards: Europe, an alternative?
  • On May 1, 2004, 10 countries joined the European Union. Le Dessous des Cartes analyzes the formation and future of this "first voluntary empire".

    below europe cards

    DVD Summary: Editorial by Jean-Christophe Victor - The 10 new members - The consequences of enlargement - What borders? - Poland, Europe of transport: 1 / Current situation 2 / Options - The regional policy of the European Union - What European security? - A Europe outside Europe - Kaliningrad: a "Russian island" within the Union? - Turkey: once again at the crossroads - News from the Balkans - Moldova: a geopolitical case study.

  • The Underground: United States, an Imperial Geography
  • 80 maps to understand the constants and evolutions of American power.

    below United States cards

    DVD Summary: Editorial by Jean-Christophe Victor - The formation of the American territory - The North American Indians - 1803: Louisiana becomes American - 20th century: Emergence of an international power - 21st century: Foreign policy since September 11 - California , in a development impasse? - Military redeployment in the world - Diego Garcia, a small island, a big strategy - The withdrawal from Panama - The global economic geography - The free trade area of ​​the Americas - The storming of the North West, future maritime route?

  • The bottom of the cards: Middle East
  • Cradle of the Arab world and of Islamic civilization, holding more than half of the world's oil reserves, the Middle East is a central issue, a geopolitical pivot. In the Middle East, there are competing national, regional and international strategies.

    below middle east maps

    DVD Summary: Editorial by JC Victor - Middle Eastern space: Cradle of the Arab world and Islam - Oil dependence - Regulation of the oil market - Too simple maps of Islam. - The States: Turkey - Egypt - Jordan - Syria - Saudi Arabia. - Tensions: For or against the Anglo-American intervention in Iraq - Jerusalem, a city, two capitals? - Israel-Palestine, towards a separation? - Kurdistan, a stateless nation - The geopolitical nightmare of Iran - Afghanistan, the return of peace? - A trip with Corto Maltese: from Turkey to Samarkand

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